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Friendly Fill-Ins is a weekly question and answer challenge. Fill in the blanks with your answers. To join in, and to see other entries, just click the above link.


Here are the fill-ins:

  1. I challenge everyone to ________________________ this week.
  2. I regret disposing of _____________________________.
  3. I have a difficult time admitting _________________.
  4. If I were given a psychic power, I would like it to be ___________.


  1. I’d challenge everyone to smile. Smile when you see someone as you go about your daily routines. Give a big smile to friends and strangers, alike. See how many smiles you get in return. I don’t think anyone will be upset if they receive a smile from you. As an added bonus, with the smile, say “Hi”, or “Hey, how’s it going?” No need to elaborate further, just in passing. Just smile. And, don’t forget to smile at your pets. They recognize a friendly smile, also! 🙂
  2. I regret disposing of so much of my earliest writing. I had so many stories, diaries, and poems, that I just tossed out one day. Why did I do that? I can almost pinpoint the day I did it. We were cleaning out the shed at my parents house, when I found them. Thinking I’d never really need them again, I got rid of them. I regret it so much.
  3. I have a difficult time admitting…I don’t have any idea. I’m pretty much an open book about admitting things. I’ll tell everyone what silly/stupid/embarrassing things I ever did, and the longer ago that it was, the funnier it becomes.
  4. If I were given a psychic power, I would like it to be telekinesis, sometimes called psychokinesis (PK). This is where you can concentrate on an item and make it move by using your mind powers. I already have some other psychic powers, to a small extent, such as ESP, and my intuition is usually correct in reading people’s intentions, thoughts, and feelings. I’m an empath, so I tend to manifest other’s problems into my own. It’s a bit frustrating at times. But, it would be great to be able to move things around, with just thinking of it. I’ve tried to do this many times, by staring at something, willing it to move. I think it worked one time. I made a rubber ball roll across the floor. It would be nice to be able to pick something up, if I dropped it. It gets harder to bend down and back up these days, so it would help out a lot to just mind control it.


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