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January Squares # 12 – Sunlight


January Squares # 12 – Sunlight

Under the rooflight of the Grand Gallery


Squares Logo

This month long challenge is hosted by Becky of “The Life of B”. Thanks, Becky!

This month’s theme is “_____ light”.

We try to find & photograph anything with a word ending in light.

The most important rule of this challenge is that your photo Must be Square!

To join in, find out the details, and see other entries, just click the above link. It’s fun! 🙂



This photo is one of a beautiful sunrise early one morning. The sun is shining through pink and gray clouds, with rays of light, and reflecting on the little playa lake by our house like a perfect spotlight. I took this from our back yard.




“Shine”, by Collective Soul.



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Kammie’s Odd-Ball Challenge -Spike the Spider


Kammie’s Odd-Ball Challenge -Spike the Spider








I think this spider liked looking at himself in the mirror! He stayed around for days, but I haven’t seen him lately.

Update…after a few days I saw him again, and managed to catch him. I released him out into the garage, so he could find a friend. 🙂


Here’s a little something I came up with for the cute little spider…

A spider named Spike

Seemed to like

His reflection, it’s plain to see…

Primping for a date

With a sweet little mate

He hopes they’ll be meant to be.




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Well, I thought for sure today was Monday. I was even looking up songs with Monday in the title. At some point I finally realized today is Sunday. haha

I guess that’s what happens when I get up so early and not being quite awake while I’m drinking my coffee. So, I just played some games. Here’s a photo of the reflection of the game I was playing in the coffee. (Candy Crush Jelly)  I took the photo at 5 a. m. and had already been up  since 4:15, which is my usual morning. 🙂

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!



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Join The Teardrop #ShapeAdventure


This month we were to find things shaped like a teardrop. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, so these are somewhat all over the place.

First is an original art piece I made quite a while ago. Next, I tried making these chocolate chip cookies into a teardrop shape. They look weird, but tasted good! 🙂

I like the next one…it was a reflection of something on the pavement in a parking lot. The next one is a bug. I don’t know what kind, but it was on our porch step. It’s kind of teardrop shaped, isn’t it? Last is some tulips, which I think are the right shape.



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At sunrise this morning I was out there taking photos, when I noticed something hanging from the edge of the roof. Getting closer, I saw the spider. He or she had a nice web, but it didn’t show up, but he/she was enjoying dangling there I guess. In the first photo you can just barely see the spider (a little dot). I thought the reflection in the window of the sunrise was pretty cool, too! 🙂 … This afternoon the spider was still there, so I got a closer photo of him. 🙂

img_3910 img_3909 img_3911 img_3912


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NABLOPOMO – # 30 – LAST DAY-LOOK BACKhintergrund-719

Today’s post for NaBloPoMo # 30 is the last one of the challenge. I’ve had lots of fun coming up with something to write about and post on here. Some days were easier than others, but I’m happy to say I did finish. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

I’ve had the chance to read lots of your posts this month, and the only regret is not having had the time to read more. I still plan on visiting more of your blogs, as long as the list is still available.

A big thank you to everyone who took time to visit here, to comment, to follow, and for all the ‘likes’! Each one of you are appreciated so much. Thank you to the NaBloPoMo hosts, and to  Ra at Rarasaur for hosting the NanoPoblano team Peppers.

I hope everyone has gotten a bit of entertainment from reading what I posted this month. I know it was a pretty random mix of topics, from short fiction, poems, art, and music, along with my thoughts.

Next up, for my blog, is ??? I’ve been doing these month long challenges for quite a few months in a row. I do love them, and if I find another one that interests me, I’ll be on board again. Until then, I think I will take some time to re-do the way this place looks. After almost 2 years, I’m tired of the Pink! I love the theme, but I want to try out something new. So, when you visit here again (and I hope you will), don’t be surprised to see what crazy things I’m trying out. I hope to find something I’m happy with, going forward. Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts on what you see. I just hope I don’t mess it up too bad 🙂

So, I’ll leave you today, with a high-five, and job well done, for everyone! Happy Writing!


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WRITING 101 – # 20 – WHAT’S IN YOUR FUTUREcropped-seal_v2-03

Yesterday was the last day of assignments for the Writing 101 course. (yes, I’m just catching up)

This is basically a reflection post, saying how we liked the course lessons, and what we will be doing in the future of our writing.

I enjoyed this past month of daily blogging, the prompts, and learning new things. I’d recommend taking this course, if you want to try and improve some of your writing skills, and to push yourself to get them done. It helps to find out if you can do a daily post, too. I won’t lie…it is a challenge, but it is also lots of fun.

The very best part, to me, was the interaction between the participating bloggers. Everyone is so encouraging, and this is a great place to get feed-back on your writing, if you want. I’ve met some awesome people, and through their writing, have learned about their part of the world, and seen their beautiful photos. There are so many different ways to write, and set up your blog site, and each one I saw, I was impressed.

For the assignments, I really liked the one of mining your social media for inspiration. I’d never thought of that before, and plan on trying it again someday.

The future, for me, will be more writing…that will never stop, but as I do, I try to improve, and learn more about this craft. I do like doing interesting blog challenges, and will do those whenever I can. At the moment, I’m participating in the October Poetry Writing Month challenge. It is 31 poems in 31 days. I did this last year, and it was a lot of fun. I also will be continuing my serial fan-fiction story, on my other blog, and writing a variety of posts here for your entertainment.

With the holidays coming up, I will be doing lots of things with the family. I hope each and every one of you will enjoy the transition into fall/winter/new year, also. I wish all the best to you.

I want to thank the hosts of Writing 101. Thanks for the prompts, the advice, the help when needed with computer confusion, the interesting lessons, and the steadfast encouragement. It was appreciated.

I leave you with a haiku I wrote for the Friday Phrases on Twitter the other day…

Your future awaits

Do not pause at the threshold

Leap boldly across


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Today is the last day of the Daily Post, Writing: 201, Poetry, course from Blogging U. It has been lots of fun, and I have learned a lot about writing poems. I’m glad I signed up to do this, and will continue to write and learn more. Thank you to all who have visited here, enjoyed reading, and left comments. I appreciate your support. 🙂 …

The assignment for today was to write a sonnet, about the future, and using chiasmus (key-AHS-mus) which is taking a few words written one way, then reversing it. I tried my best to do the sonnet, but found it to be a bit difficult. There were so many things to remember that go into one! A bit unorthodox, I know, but I have this in two parts…and, I’m sure this broke down into a somewhat free verse, but hope you enjoy it!



Part 1

I saw a course from Blogging U, and joined without delay;

It was to learn to write in verse and rhyme.

So, verily, I began to rhyme and verse…my way.

A Haiku was the first in line, this time.

I didn’t know where this would lead, but I was having fun.

A simile, about the water, and a journey to be done…

Limericks, alliteration, trust, internal rhyme,

A concrete animal, enjambment, too, and counting all the time.

Then came the fog, an elegy, with metaphor, say what?

I got my pen, and dove right in, and gave it all I’ve got.

Some of these made me smile, and then we learned some more…

A ballad for a hero, epistrophe, and an anaphora;

These terms are slowly making sense, even as the course gets harder.

I buckle down, try not to frown, as I feel I’m getting smarter.

Part 2

To pen an ode about a drawer, and an apostrophe, my word!

We go to the Commons, to tell our tale, and be heard.

Then to find a landscape, and enumeratio we go…

We must not stop, we must go forward, tally-ho!

Prose with assonance is easy, though, I let my fingers do the typing.

Our voices raised, we raise our voices, as we each do our own hyping.

Now that this sonnet’s finished, with fanfare and chiasmus…

We shall celebrate our hard work, and now will make a fuss,

From here on out, I do believe, our future can be written…

I love the form, the poetry’s charm, and know that I am smitten!

Yes! Believe it … Poets we are…we are Poets!


Thanks for stopping by! 🙂