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Sandy’s Restaurant Logo (on an original napkin)

photo found on Pixabay by Metsi


Here’s the short, sad saga of my foray into the world of fast-food jobs. It was in the early 1970s, in Lawton OK, when I needed another job. I applied at McDonald’s and got hired right away to be a cashier. I had a uniform and everything. The day of my interview I specifically mentioned our plans of going out of town for Thanksgiving. I was told there would be no problem with that. I began work, and all was good. The job was just right for a part time job for me, and I enjoyed it. A week later, as the holiday approached, I mentioned that I would not be there for a couple of days, as we still had our going out of town plans. I was assured that this was fine with them, come back when we got back in town. So, off we went. On our return, I went in to my regular job schedule, only to be told I had no job after all. What? How could this be? Now what was I going to do? I really needed a job to earn some money.

I was in a state…what do I do now? I went on down the road to another fast-food restaurant to put in my application. This place was called Sandy’s. It was a lot like McDonald’s, but better. The menu was more interesting, and very good. I was hired immediately, so I didn’t have to come home with no job to my name. I worked at Sandy’s for quite a long time, until we moved to Germany. The boss, and the other employees were very nice and fun to work with. I was a cashier there, too. When a customer would come into the restaurant, we were all to say, with enthusiasm, “May I help you?” We loved doing that, and we’d make it into a contest to see which register station the customer would choose. As it was winter, we had some snowy days, and those days brought in the most customers, it seemed. I had a lot of fun working there. Later on, when we were back stateside, and were stationed at Ft. Sill, again, I was disappointed to learn that Sandy’s restaurant was no longer there. I found out it had been merged/taken over by a Hardee’s restaurant.

Even today I miss the food from the Sandy’s menu, and wish I had some more. They had a large burger called the Big Scott. It was similar to the Big Mac, but had shredded cabbage, and a sweet relish sauce that was oh so good. There was the hi-lo double cheeseburger, and a deep fried pork tenderloin on a bun, that was a favorite of mine.

Do any of you remember having a Sandy’s restaurant where you lived? 🙂


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