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Random Post # 19 – Wacky Week


Random Post # 19 – Wacky Week


I didn’t know it would turn out to be a wacky week, during the first few days. No premonitions, no hints, nothing to give me a head’s up about what was to come. Everything started out fine, if I remember right.

  • Saturday I’d sent some things over to a relative’s house to be sold in her garage sale. I made $10, so that was good.
  • Can’t remember which day it was next, but we had a thunderstorm with hail falling.
  • My computer quit working on Thursday morning. Ugh!
  • Put computer in repair shop on Friday. It got fixed and back home late Friday afternoon.
  • Saturday came another, larger thunderstorm, with lots of hail falling. At our house it was probably marble sized, but some parts of town got sizes from ping-pong ball, to baseball sized hail. Lots of damage in town. We just had some leaves beaten off the tree, and the street was running like a river from all the rain.
  • Also, Saturday, our washing machine quit working. The repair people won’t be here until late afternoon on Tuesday!
  • Sunday was pretty mild.
  •  Monday, I had tummy troubles. Blah!

And that’s how it went here. Hope you had a better week. 🙂

Some of the hail stones in the back yard


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