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Night Moves – Three Things Challenge # 10 & # 11


Night Moves – Three Things Challenge # 10



Today’s prompt: rabbit, bathrobe, kaleidoscope

Today’s prompt: socks, balloon, hiccups


Here’s yesterday’s and today’s prompt words combined. Thanks for the interesting prompts, Paula!



I was in my back yard, playing on the swing set.

Suddenly three giant rabbits  came leaping toward me over the fence. I was mesmerized by their eyes spinning around like kaleidoscopes.


Pulling up my fuzzy socks and tightening the belt to my bathrobe, I spun around three times on the monkey bar. “Go away, go away, go away!” They didn’t go away.

Now I was so scared, I developed a huge gas bubble as big as an inflated balloon and I began to hiccup. That’s what woke me up…the hiccups.

Many years later I became a writer, and developed the screenplay for a horror movie based on my nightmare about rabbits.


The only thing true about this story is my dream of the rabbits while I was on my swing set.


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