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Night Flight





Winter looms.

Under cover of dark midnight they fly,

Casting shadows on the silvery pond far below.

Silent stars guide from above.

Gracefully gliding, circling lower, they murmur their relief at journey’s end.

The geese have arrived.

Their migration completed, they

Wait for spring.


Thanks for the prompt word, De!

For dVerse Poets – Murmur…Quadrille 44 Words

Quadrille #50


~reworked from a 50 word micro story (2015) into a 44 word Quadrille poem~


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Real Letters I’ve Sent – NanoPoblano – Day 26


Real Letters I’ve Sent – NanoPoblano – Day 26




In 1885 or so

Dr Pepper stole the show

Secret formula writ in stone

Take some Dr Pepper home

A tonic made just for your brain

Cola wars were never the same

Dr Pepper, a digestive aid

Drink it up, you’ll have it made


This was a Quadrille 44 words poem I’ve had in my drafts for a long time.

I was just remembering that I used to write to businesses/companies all the time. Mostly the letters were a bit funny, but I really like their products, so why not tell them I like them? I’ve done this off and on since I was a kid just learning to write letters, and I’d get so excited when I got an answer from them. It’s still fun, and those that respond always send a nice cover letter, some brochures, and coupons for free products from them.

Here’s the letter I wrote to the Dr Pepper (soft drink) Company:

Dear Dr Pepper Company,

I am a Dr Pepper drinker from way back. I have enjoyed this most unique beverage for many years. I like it cold, and even hot, with a slice of lemon, as your company was promoting at one time.

I also like the logos, songs, and advertisements associated with Dr Pepper. As a kid, I remember the 10 – 2 – 4 ad. I’m not quite sure what that was; were you supposed to have a DP at those times of day? Also did a Saint Bernard dog appear in those logos? I love dogs, and this is what seemed to catch my attention. (am I mistaken?)

Then, when my children were small, the catchy TV jingle was popular: ‘He’s a Pepper, She’s a Pepper, wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper, too?’ Everyone had that song in their head.

So yes, we’ve had many years of enjoyment from your product.

However, I’ve heard a disturbing rumor that I’d like clarified. There is another soda that is called Mr Pibb. It is very similar in taste to your Dr Pepper. It is not sold here in our town, except from the fountain at the movie theater. We were curious as to why it is not sold in our stores also.

I don’t have any idea who makes this Mr Pibb, as we can’t find it here; possibly a rival company to yours? At any rate, we asked a person who was stocking the shelves what the deal was. He said that your company would not sell your product in the same market as Mr Pibb. Is that true? And, if it is, why not? If you are afraid of the competition, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Dr Pepper is a mainstay, at least around here, and you have many loyal customers. Sure, some people would buy Mr Pibb, but then people buy all sorts of soft drink flavors. Why, if it is true, do you have a grudge against this one rival? Is it because of it’s similarity to Dr Pepper in taste? If you had a blind taste test between you both, I have no doubt the customer would pick the superior taste of DP every time!

So, that’s it. Will you please verify or deny this rumor for me?

Thanks for making Dr Pepper all these years.

Your customer,

xxx (me)

P.S. Do you also have a brochure about your company and it’s origins?


That was the letter I wrote. They did send me a whole bunch of pamphlets, brochures, and coupons for free products. They didn’t answer my question. 🙂


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Creaky floors

Creaky doors

Noisy ghosts abound

Graveyard near

Fuels your fear

Ghosts do swirl around

Skritchy scratch

Unlocked latch

A eerie, ghostly sound

Draw the curtain

Must be certain

Ghosts remain underground

House so creaky

Ghosts so freaky

Try not to come unwound


For dVerse Poets – Quadrille # 43 (write to the prompt word ‘creak’, and use only 44 words)

Quadrille #43

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Tingle My Tongue


“Tingle My Tongue”


Bliss-ter-ing me

With your hot, hot kisses

Roasting fire sparks and hisses

Tickle my nose with scorched delight

Pepper my brow with sweat, tonight

A slow burning heat just can’t be beat

Hot shivers of chili, a passionate treat

Tastes of bliss


For dVerse Poets – Quadrille 44 Words

Use the word bliss in your poem.

Quadrille #39

Photo found on Pixabay by ArtsyBee


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Flicker me a smile

With your eyes, beguile

Perchance to dreamtime

Throw me a lifeline

I’m drowning in your love

Flicker your touch upon my cheek

You are everything, all I seek

I’m drowning in your love

Flicker your love light

Save me, love



Happy 6th Anniversary to dVerse Poets!


For dVerse Poets, Quadrille # 36. Write a poem in 44 words, using the prompt, ‘flicker’.

Happy 6th Anniversary & Quadrille #36

Thanks for the prompt, Grace!


Photo found on Pixabay, by Qirnono


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Jump rope jingles

Recited in rhyme

One, two, three,

Will you be mine?

Double Dutch fun,

Then over-head

Hot pepper is fast,

Your face turns red

Chanted in cadence

To keep up the pace

Trip over your feet,

And lose your place.



for dVerse Poets – Quadrille # 35 – Pepper … use the word pepper in your poem of 44 words.

Quadrille #35

Thanks for the prompt, Kim!


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I named him Stormy, King of the World

My best friend, when I was a girl

I cried and cried when Stormy died

No longer was he by my side

Now, nothing could ever be the same

Never more to call his name



for dVerse Poets – use the word storm or any variation in your poem


Thanks for the prompt De (Whimsygizmo)


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Stars speak of lonliness


A spark to ignite the night


Stars speak in constellations


Look up to find the answers


Stars echo in solidarity


Among the vast unknown


Stars will guide the way


You are not alone



For dVerse Poets – Quadrille 32

Quadrille #32

Prompt word – use the word ‘echo’ in your poem of only 44 words

Thanks for hosting the Q44, De! 🙂


Photo found on Pixabay by dom1706


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Who are you?

I am Ghost Dog

Why are you here?

To protect you

Where are you from?

Beyond the veil

When did you appear?

When the shadows moved

What should I know?

Unseen entities are real

Who sent you here?

Your spirit guide


For dVerse Poets – Quadrille 44 Words – Ghost – https://dversepoets.com/2017/02/13/quadrille-25/

Thanks for hosting the Q44, Kim! Great prompt word! 🙂


The image in the photo just appeared on my computer monitor awhile back. It looks like a dog to me, so that’s what I call it…my Ghost Dog. … I don’t know, exactly when it came, but it is always there. It doesn’t matter how many times I clean the screen, it is still there. Anyway, I thought I’d ask it some questions, just to see what comes into my mind. These words are the result.


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“The Voices You Hear”

Breathing softly, coming near

Listen closely, you will hear

Voices of those we hold dear

Whisper, whisper in your ear

Spirits who love you, nothing to fear

Ghostly words from sacred bier

Into our hearts, oh so clear

Whispers surround us

In the atmosphere


Quadrille 44 Words – Whisper

for dVerse Poets https://dversepoets.com/2017/01/16/quadrille-24/


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