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Yeah, up above where I’m supposed to put a title to this piece, it says ‘title optional’…ok…but I don’t like to leave it blank. I’ve spent way too much time trying to think of something catchy, so I’ll just say the truth. I can’t think of one, because this is just a bit of randomness that happens here…one little episode, that reveals what my ADHD brain goes through on a daily basis.

This one starts out with cats, and evolves into cleaning out my purse. So, see…try to think up a title for that. Anyway, here goes…

I’m going around the house, picking up all the little cat toys. They are all over the floor, in several rooms, because, well, I throw them at the cats. Not actually at them…well, sometimes I do, but for the cats to chase. Except mostly, they don’t chase them. They just watch me throwing toys in the air. Oh, they may take a half-hearted swipe at one, if it lands right by their feet. I think they enjoy watching the ‘crazy lady’ that plays with cat toys.

Ok, so I’m picking them up (the toys…not the cats) using the long wand thing with pinchers on the end – the gopher, picker-upper tool – and putting them in the cat’s toy basket, which is on a little table. My purse is sitting by the basket, and I think, hey, I should clean out my purse.

So, I start taking things out. It’s like one of those clown cars, where more and more clowns come out of the little car. Well, more and more things come out of my purse. It isn’t really a big purse…just medium sized, I’d say. How can so much junk accumulate in there? Well, because I’m disorganized, for one thing.

Disorganized, distracted, and I tend to stuff lots of things in there. I tell myself it is for those ‘just in case’ type of days, but really, there’s hardly ever an ‘in case’ moment that actually happens. Other times, I’m in too big a hurry to put something away, so in the purse it goes. Then it is forgotten, until the next time I happen to clean it out.

And now, I’m standing there pulling out random items, until I have a large pile, there on the table. At that point, I go get a plastic bag to put trash in, and most of it is just trash I’ve been hauling around. It’s no wonder my purse is so heavy. By now, I’ve gotten tired/bored with the whole thing, so I just dump all of the items into the plastic bag. I say I’ll go through it later. Now, it is two days later and it is still there where I left it.

My projects have little chance in being finished…ADHD won’t let me focus long enough. Halfway through, I’m getting antsy, have to move on to something else. Doesn’t matter…it’s already forgotten, and I’m on the move again. Anyway, since I’m writing about this purse episode, let’s get back to the formerly forgotten plastic bag.

Want to see what’s in there? Are you curious/brave enough to stick around, while I reveal what was in my purse? If not, look away now…it’s ok. Here goes…

  • microfiber cloth
  • a pair of socks
  • a pair of underwear
  • 2 – 39 gallon trash bags
  • pkg. of hand wet wipes
  • 3 extra pks. of wet wipes
  • stretchy hair band, purple w/skulls
  • 3 wrist bands from the hospital (from
  • surgery last week) I.D., Fall Risk, and
  • Allergy
  • 14 grocery receipts
  • 5 grocery lists
  • 1 Dr. appt. card
  • 7 peppermints
  • 3 pennies, 1 nickel, 2 quarters (found)
  • 3 unused gift cards,
  • billfold, keys, sunglasses, pill container
  • 3 e-cigs, reg. camera & case, & disposable camera

Pretty crazy, huh? And the worst, sad, horrifying thing about it, is what is ‘not’ in there. There is no paper or notebook to write on. The one most important item a writer should always have with them, is something to write ideas on, quickly, before the thoughts evaporate. How can this be? Oh, yeah, I’m forgetful…forgot to put one in there the last time I changed purses. That’s why I sometimes write on napkins, or receipts, and have to check them before I throw them away, just in case I wrote on them. (no, I don’t have one of those phones that you can type a list on an app…is that a real thing?)

So, now that we’ve all had a good laugh, care to tell me what you carry around…just in case? 🙂

P.S. I started writing this earlier this morning,..got halfway through…Image left it to go to lunch, and appt. and grocery store. Hey, at least I finished it! Yay