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Today is the fifth day of posting for the month long NaBloPoMo challenge. What I’ve done today is what I would call a Prose Poem. That is a poem, that is written as prose…a  combination of the two. I’ve also used enjambment…a continuation of a sentence over a line break…a bit of poetic trickery to pull the reader into the next line. This was also posted in dVerse Poets



They need to come together…be joined…connected somehow. How does it work? All

the ideas, the words…the bones? Joining together the words…ripped from your ideas…your soul…

Disjointed, flopping, flailing, clacking, bleeding upon one another…the bones

of your poem.

They all want your attention…to be the backbone…the one that holds all the words in a cohesive oneness.

It’s a group effort. You have to understand – do you?

Place a boneword in the wrong place, it won’t make sense…though some are not meant to make sense, I fear…

At least to me…

Gather them up…all the ingredients. Place them on the page…just so. Does it walk, talk, speak to you, or does it

Fall to pieces in places?

Is there a special magic…a sprinkling of glitter and good luck that is needed? Maybe…

The words are good, the ideas are there, the emotion of the piece is there…yet, all together the

Skeleton of your poem is lifeless…

What is needed is heart…a beating heart, to revive it, to infuse that zing…that spark of life.

Knowledge…a brain…it has lost it’s way. It knows not where it is going…where does it belong?

The knowledge of form and structure…the skeleton…the brain will tell the bones where they belong.

There will be rogues…O loveable renegades…

Some will need to be shoved into place, some will need to be pried out of position…rearranged…

Against their will.

Do it…just do it…whip those bones into shape. Make that skeleton dance.

Dance to the tune of your imagination…

Then…set those bones free.


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© 2015 BS



Today’s poem assignment from the Daily Post, Writing 201: Poetry, is called Prose Poetry, using the repeated vowel sounds of assonance, and the word to incorporate was fingers.



Have you seen water be weird, while freezing? Wee little waves, like fingers reaching up out of the tiny sea, entering my heart with fear. Entities evolving, ethereally…eternally reacting…reacting to their reality. Weaving each little fingertip into eerie shapes. Briefly being created, before returning to water, grieving as they melt. We truly believe we’re relieved.


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