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WRITING 101 – STATS PAGEcropped-seal_v2-03

Today we were to look over at our blog’s stats page (I’m thinking that must be short for statistics?). Anyway, it shows all different things about our blog, such as how many views we’ve had on certain posts, what days are best to post on, etc. I don’t know why anyone besides ourselves would be interesting in reading about this. I suppose some bloggers are checking their page all the time, but for me, I don’t usually remember it’s even there. But, I did take a look today. It was like meh… whatever…I couldn’t tell much about the numbers, because numbers and I don’t mesh at all. I can’t make sense out of them. However, here’s what I saw on my stats page. Skip on down, if it’s as boring to you as it was to me. I answered a couple of other questions, too. 😉

  1. The most viewed day of all time was July 1, 2015. Why, I have no idea. The posts listed were just random ones, with poems coming in first place with 9 whole views. Woo hoo!
  2. Face Book seems to be leading something or other…not sure what that is about.
  3. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are good days (gets more views), then the other days are right behind, and the weekends are in last place.
  4.  I’ve written 315 posts, and have 177 followers (thank you all so much) 🙂
  5.  The posts with the most (ha-ha rhyme time) are the ones when I do challenges. Those would be the A to Z Blog Challenge (twice), The Writing 201 – Poetry Course, The Daily Post Writing 101 Course, and OctPoWriMo Poetry Challenge.

So, there you have it…my stats.

Now, there were some questions posed we could answer.

  1. If you opened up your blog and found there were 50,000 new subscribers overnight, what would you think?

I’d think something was really wrong . No…at first I would scream with joy at seeing how popular my blog had suddenly become, for no reason whatsoever.

2.  If your blog became private only, so no one could even see what you wrote, would you still write it?

Why would I write a blog, if no one could see what I wrote? Isn’t that the whole point of having a blog? I think bloggers do like a bit of attention, and like to network with others. The way to do that is to let people know and see what you write. There are lots of other places to just write on a screen, I’m sure, and it doesn’t have to be an actual blog.

No, I wouldn’t have a blog at all, if no one could see it but me. I’d be writing, for sure…I’ll never stop writing, but it would be in journals, diaries, and notebooks, the same as I still do, and have done before blogging was a thing. Writers are writers…we write no matter where, or who sees it. We have to.

Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{