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Animal of the Day – Prairie Dog


Animal of the Day – Prairie Dog

#AOTD – Antelope – SEPTEMBER 22, 2019


Today, my animal of the day is the Prairie Dog.

The photos show several different ones of these cute little brown critters. Some are just sitting up, some are holding something to eat in their tiny paws, and one is right by the entrance to his burrow.

We see these little animals all the time around here. They make their burrows and underground tunnels in any vacant lot or field by the side of the roads.

They make a shrill chirping noise when alarmed, or it’s a signal to other prairie dogs.

We’ve had them in our back yard at times, too.

The prairie dog is sort of our city’s mascot, I think. For as long as I can remember there has been a dedicated area (many acres) for them to live. It’s called Prairie Dog Town, and people can come see them, take pictures, and toss them goodies to eat. They will come right up to you.

For the national ground hog day, we don’t have ground hogs here, but we have the prairie dogs that are supposed to predict the length of winter. His name is Prairie Dog Pete. 🙂

I wrote a whole post a couple of years ago (Prairie Dog Corner), about one that got in our back yard, and my daughter’s dog took him for an excursion around the yard. He didn’t even hurt him! It’s a funny story! 🙂

If you’d like to read that story, here’s the link:



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