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Throwback Thursday – Sentimental Pictures


Throwback Thursday – Sentimental Pictures




Every Thursday, Maggie from cave walls will alternate hosting with Lauren from LSS Attitude of Gratitude. We will post a blog with the title Throwback Thursday  – subject of the week. (This week the subject is ‘Sentimental Pictures’.

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I do have hundreds of old family photos. You might call them old, or antique, or vintage, and I love them all. I’ve never really tried to organize any of them. Most all have pictures of people in them. I don’t post photos with family members on here, though. I don’t know that any were ‘gifted’ to me, more like they just came into my possession after my parents and grand-parents passed away.

So, instead of photographs, I have some beautiful oil paintings that were done by my mom. these were all gifted to me at one time or another. She was always painting something, all kinds of subjects from animals, Indian art and pottery, flowers, clowns, family member’s portraits, unicorns, and fun things for the kids.

I think of my mom every time I see one of her paintings in my house (and I even have some hanging up in my garage). I can still see in my mind’s eye of her in her painting room in front of the easel, with all her paints and brushes. It makes me smile at the remembrance.


These oil paintings show:

  • A tiger in the snow
  • An Indian (Native American) woman with blue feathers in her hair
  • A longhorn cattle skull, with turquoise necklace and two vases of pottery
  • An Indian (Native American) woman sitting on a fur rug
  • A big bouquet of white, yellow, and pink flowers (maybe dahlias) in a wicker looking vase
  • Several ducks flying over a lake with tan colored reeds on the edges (these 2 photos are of one large painting)


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