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Ronovan Writes Haiku Challege – Divide/Rise


Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge – Divide/Rise




Thunderheads rise up

Anticipating a storm

Clouds divide – no rain


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Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge – Beast/Steam


Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge – Beast/Steam



Beast spews steam with vigor

We tame the beast with purpose

Must get those clothes ironed


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Dried Out


Dried Out


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Desiccated mummy meat

Doesn’t matter if you heat

It mostly, mainly tastes like feet

Never ever will it meet …

My expectations


note ~ this poem comes about because of a microwave dinner (stir fried chicken & rice). I’ve tried it a few times, as it looks good, but the little chunks of chicken are really bad & dried out even though I follow the directions. So I call it desiccated mummy meat. Oh, and I don’t buy it any more!


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Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge – King/Queen


Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge – King/Queen



Click to View Full Clipart ImageHoneybee on Samsung One UI 4.0 January 2022

King snake and Queen bee

Learn to live in harmony

Must learn from nature


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Ronovan Writes Haiku – Nature/Space


Ronovan Writes Haiku – Nature/Space



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Space is infinite

Have no more concrete jungles

Leave nature alone


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Jump Right In – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Rope


Jump Right I – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Rope 


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “rope.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun!


Today’s prompt word is ‘rope’. Thanks, Linda!

If you’d like to join in this fun weekly challenge, and also see other entries, just click the above link.


I always liked to jump rope when I was a kid. I wasn’t all that good at jumping, but when I finally figured out how to get both feet off the ground at the same time in a jump, I was pretty proud of myself. haha 🙂

I remember we had lots of fun jump rope rhymes we’d say while jumping, and then counting how many we could do before missing.

Cinderella dressed in yellow, went upstairs to see her fella, how many kisses did she get … 1, 2, 3, etc.

Blue bells, cockle shells, evie ivey overhead – then the rope would be thrown over your head

There was probably more, but that’s all I can remember right now.

Here’s a poem I wrote back in 2017 about jumping rope … as usual most all my writing and poems are done stream of consciousness as is this one.



Jump rope jingles

Recited in rhyme

One, two, three,

Will you be mine?

Double Dutch fun,

Then over-head

Hot pepper is fast,

Your face turns red

Chanted in cadence

To keep up the pace

Trip over your feet,

And lose your place.


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Blitz Trip – SOCS – Trip


Blitz Trip – SOCS – Trip 


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “trip.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Happy Saturday! Thanks, Linda! 🙂


The prompt is ‘trip’, and I’ve taken many trips. We’ve traveled lots of places overseas, and in the states. I’ve also taken many a trip when I fall down. Those kind of trips are not fun at all.

Here’s a different kind of trip – a Blitz poem I wrote back in 2015, that trips stream of consciousness style from words and phrases and associations. It’s all done freestyle as you type/write whatever you think of as fast as you can. The title of the poem is always a mystery since it is not revealed until the end. This one is ‘Trip Into Trouble’. It’s lots of fun.




Take a number

Take a trip

Trip and fall

Trip and flip

Flip and fold

Flip a coin

Coin a phrase

Coin of copper

Copper and gold

Copper and bronze

Bronze a statue

Bronze age

Age of reason

Age of Aquarius

Aquarius rising

Aquarius sign

Sign of the times

Sign out

Out of sight

Out of mind

Mind your manners

Mind over matter

Matter of time

Matter of fact

Fact or fiction

Fact of life

Life or death

Life on the edge

Edge of insanity

Edge of reason

Reason for doubt

Reason for the season

Season of change

Season the food

Food for thought

Food and drink

Drink and eat

Drink and be merry

Merry maids

Merry go round

Round and about

Round the world

World of wonder

World with no end

End of an era

End of time

Time and trouble

Time of our life





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Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge – Feather & Whisper


Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge – Feather & Whisper fall haiku challenge badge japanese maple with black and white background



Feather & Whisper

Feather from above

Floating whisper from Heaven

Thinking of you, Love



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