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Sunday Trees – Love Chime


Sunday Trees – Love Chime



For today’s Sunday Trees challenge, I have photos of our one tree in the front yard. I think it is a fruitless Mulberry, and has been here for many years.

I have a couple of wind chimes hanging from the branches, and this little black & white kitty was looking at them, as he stood on the wooden bench beneath the tree.

The one chime is made of silver colored pipes and makes a nice sound. The other one – two views – is all rusted. It has the word Love spelled out, and there are several cow bells hanging from it. This chime has been there so long, the tree has grown around the ring on the chime.

Then, here’s a poem I wrote way back in 2015 about trees.


Little kitty, wind chimes, our tree!


Trees in winter

They stand and stare

Do they think that it’s not fair?

Patient they stand

Stark and bare

Enduring winter’s brutal air

Do trees dream of winter’s end,

Yearning for springtime to begin?

A fresh, new start

Green leaves so frilly

A time to rejoice, a time to be silly

Rustling with the nesting of birds,

Pretty music they make, without any words.

A sanctuary for many species

The need for trees only increases

Giving hope, shelter, and shade,

A tree’s true purpose will never fade.

I think a tree must know it’s worth…

The reason it is put on this Earth.


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© BS 2015 & 2019

Be Safe


Be Safe Click to view


Lots of people are being warned of a particularly dangerous situation outbreak of  storms and/or tornadoes today. We here are included in this announcement.


Trying to take a lighthearted take on this, but seriously…please remember the safety tips in case any storms come close to your area.



Trying to find something to wear

In case we get blown into the air

They say we definitely should prepare

But what on earth should I wear?


What should you do during a tornado?

  • If you are indoors at home during a tornado – Go to the basement or a windowless first flood room such as a closet or bathroom. Duck under a table if possible and cover your body with a sleeping bag or blanket.
  • If you are in a school or office building – Move indoors, away from windows, and to the lowest floor. Crouch down and protect your head.
  • If you are in a mobile home – Evacuate and go to a nearby shelter or basement. If there is nowhere available, see the instructions below for the outdoors.
  • If you are outdoors – Lie down into a low area such as a ditch and protect your head. Do not attempt to outrun a tornado. Many exceed highway speeds.
  • In your vehicle – Get to shelter if possible, but do not try to outrun a tornado. If you cannot get to shelter, then stop the vehicle, keep your seat belt fastened, hide under a blanket, and duck below the level of the windows.


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Rain Clouds – Thursday Inspiration # 4


Rain Clouds – Thursday Inspiration # 4



Today Paula has chosen this lovely photo for our inspiration to write something. Thanks, Paula!

To join in, and to see other entries, just click the above link.


This week’s theme is rain and the picture is below.

Photo shows, blue sky, yellow flowers, and streaks of rain falling.

Photo credit: Daniel Borker



I asked her what she thought of clouds

All she said was moon

Pointing to a clear blue sky,

Would clouds be coming soon?

She knows the stars, the sun, the sky,

And the silvery moon catches her eye,

But where are the clouds, the clouds with rain?

She loves the rain, she hopes they’ll be stopping by.

She wants the rain, she loves the splatter, upon

The window pane.

On and on she continues to chatter, her happy refrain…

The rain…the rain…the rain…

The moon is great, the sun is fun,

The sky is certainly blue.

But, she wants rain, and only rain,

Nothing else will do.

You see she’s just a little girl…

You see…she’s only two.


~ I wrote this poem in 2015 for my grand-daughter when she was two years old. (she’s 5 now)



“Have You Ever Seen the Rain”, the 2006 cover by Rod Stewart, of a song written by John Fogerty (of Creedence Clearwater Revival) in 1971. This one can be found on the album, “Still the Same…Great Rock Classics of Our Time”, by Rod Stewart.



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Echoes of Stars – Thursday Inspiration # 3


Echoes of Stars – Thursday Inspiration # 3


Paula, of Lightmotifs, is hosting this photo challenge each week. Visit her blog for details at the link above. 🙂

This week’s theme is stars and the picture is below.


Echoes of Stars

Yearning for my far away home


Howling at the moon


Darkness envelops twinkling lights


Lonesome stars shine above


Deliver me not left behind


Capture me never apart



This is my all time favorite song. It just brings out something extremely emotional in me like no other.


“Stars”, by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, was released in 2012, from the album, “The Lion the Beast the Bear”. It was written by Grace Potter, and is on the Hollywood label.



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Waiting & Writing – A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 – Letter W


Waiting & Writing – A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 – Letter W #AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter




I don’t know about you, but I’m not fond of waiting. Seems like everywhere you go, you have to wait in a line, wait in a room, wait to be seated at a restaurant, wait on the waitperson to take your order, wait on your food to come to the table, wait at stop signs and red lights, wait for your flight at the airport…waiting…ugh! Waiting is boring. When you have to wait at the doctor’s office, way past the time of your appointment, it is one of the worst. Would you agree?

So, when I know I’ll be in a place of waiting, I bring along something to occupy my mind and time. I always have a pen and paper to write on. I look around at my surroundings, at all the other waiting people, and write about what I see. This, then, is what I wrote, on December 9, 2014, while…you guessed it…waiting.

So, waiting at the eye doctor appointment with my husband. It is his appointment, and he likes to get to places early, in case we can get in earlier than anticipated. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. This is one time it did not. We’ve been here forever it seems. The appointment was at 11:30, but we got here about 10:30 or so, and now it is ten minutes after 12 noon. He just now got into the other room…to wait some more, I’m sure. We were already tired and bored.

I did get the nose pad of my glasses changed, at no charge. It took only a couple of minutes, though. I wandered around looking at all the glasses frames to buy. I sat back down and checked my phone for messages on Facebook, Twitter, and Email. I brought my Kindle, too, in case I wanted to read something. We’d looked through a National Geographic magazine catalog, of things to buy from them…all very expensive items, but interesting. That took up maybe five minutes.

The waiting room was full of people, when we got there, then it kind of cleared out. Then it filled up again. Now, there only a few people left waiting. They all look as bored as I am. They are checking their phones, and reading magazines, too. I’m sure they are wishing they could get on with their appointment and get out of here…because it is so boring!

The place is nice in here, though. Good furniture to sit in, not just some hard plastic chairs. There are a few comfy chairs and a plush, leather (or fake leather?) couch. There are pretty flower arrangements on the glassed top tables, and at this time of year, a few Christmas decorations. I go over to see the ornaments they’ve arranged on the tree. There is a TV in one corner, up high, tuned to the game show Jeopardy, but the sound is turned down really low, so you can only hear it if you are sitting right by it…which we are not.

I did go out to the truck for a few minutes. I’d brought a glass of iced tea, so I wanted to get a drink, and just get some outside air. It is a nice day – not hot, not cold – a little damp feeling, though. I see some fire-trucks go by, then a few minutes later, there they go again in the other direction. When I get back inside, he has gone into the eye-exam room. They finally called him back there…yay! Wonder how long this waiting part will take?

I’m getting hungry. It is past noon; hope we can go get some lunch when we get done here. Where, I don’t know. Before we came here we’d taken some packages to be mailed at the UPS store, and also had gone by the mechanic’s shop to pick up an invoice for his work place. So, it started out a busy morning, but we are stuck in the waiting zone, for now.

I’m going to try and make up a poem about all this waiting…Hang on a second while I think… Ok…


Waiting and writing

Writing about waiting

Watching the waiters

Watching the clock

Watching my watch

Waiting and watching

Watching the waiters is…weird


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© 2019 BS

Mystery Box Chickens – They’re Baaack!


Mystery Box Chickens – They’re Baaack! #AtoZChallenge 2019 badge



Mystery Box Chickens – Whee! …and for my next trick – tee hee – I’m so funny!


Hip hip hooray, and rock-a-doodle doo

The Mystery Box Chickens are here for you

Bringing you essays, silly or strange

Topics are varied, an A to Z range

Once a year they fly the coop

Join them here to get the scoop

Every day in April they open a box

These chickens rock, so set your clocks

Get ready with snacks or a nice cup

See ya tomorrow for the first one up


This is no trick! haha

That’s right…tomorrow, April 1, 2019, is the day we begin our A to Z Blog Challenge.

Hope to see you here. 🙂


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Three Things Challenge # 9


Three Things Challenge # 9



Today’s prompt: hammock, whistle, robot


I can’t whistle, I’ve never relaxed in a hammock, and I don’t have a robot.

But, here’s a little poem I wrote a few years ago about a robot.






The little, robust robot

Was in a fine fettle

Made out of tin

He resembled a kettle

Some called him a teapot

They thought he was sweet

‘Cause he went around whistling

To all that he’d meet

Now one day it happened

The world needed saving

Politicians were loudly

Ranting and raving

Robusty, the robot

Didn’t like what he saw

So our little hero

Called it a draw

He ran for president

That very day

He made speeches galore

And had plenty to say

Robusty’s whistling

Became words of wisdom

He was voted in

On a platform of freedom

Now our own Robust Robot

Had heeded the call

No more little teapot

He was standing tall

© 2016 BS


added verse…


But, it came to pass

He was the lame duck

His time was past

He earned his rest in a nice hammock


Well, kind of silly that ending, but I needed to get hammock in there somewhere! haha 🙂


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© 2019 BS


Three Things Challenge


Three Things Challenge



This is something new I’m trying, called the Three Things Challenge. Paula has taken on the hosting duties for this. You can find details at the above link. Thanks, Paula!

What happens is she will list 3 words for us daily to make something of, be it a story, poem, or whatever we want.

The 3 words for today are: seashells, letter, and yoga


While doing yoga on the beach

My hand stretched out in a lengthy reach

Got distracted by pretty seashells

Meditations came with waves and swells

Arranged the shells with letters formed

Spelled yoga – now the sand adorned


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© 2019 BS


Tell the Story Photo Prompt = cupcake


Tell the Story Photo Prompt = cupcake



I was tagged by Paula, of Light Motifs, to write something about this photo. Thanks, Paula!






keep a cupcake in a box

do not feed it to your fox

cupcake cupcake such a teaser

wants to be your tastebud’s pleaser

cupcake frosting icing yummy

cupcake makes a happy tummy

eat a cupcake every day

makes you jump around and say

Yay cupcake!


My name isn’t Alice, but I could swear there was a vibe coming from this little frosted delicacy that screamed, ‘eat me’.

I shouldn’t …I can’t … I want it…I won’t …

Looking left and right, I reached out my forefinger, taking a tiny swipe of the sugary topping. Be strong, don’t put it in my mouth…uh-uh…I’ll die if I do.

My mouth watered, my stomach growled, my breathing was fast. Thoughts swirled around my mind, just as the icing swirled around the contours of the cupcake. Just one tiny taste won’t hurt anything. I inhaled a faint strawberry and vanilla essence. mmmm so good.

No resistance left…I tasted…


They found me the next morning, dead…but, a happy smile on my sugared lips.



Now, I’m not tagging anyone in particular, as I never know who likes to do these, but here’s a photo if you’d like to write something about it. 🙂

Heads, Hair, Hairdo, Hairstyle


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