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“Please Introduce Yourself”

Hi there! We are a bunch of letters. The nice lady kept us for many years. She loves to write actual letters to be mailed, and so she did. She did have many pen-pals. There was a few magazines years ago, that were happy to print a letter you sent to them, asking for pen-pals. The nice lady did this a few different times, and each time received tons of responses in her mailbox. The letter writers came from all over the world. We are just a very few of the letters she was happy to receive, and they exchanged back and forth correspondence for quite a while.

You can see one of the letters she sent in to the magazine, and some of the many she’d gotten back. It was lots of fun to be part of the fun of sharing thoughts and ideas with many ladies. I think she would still be doing this, but since the prevalence of emails and such, not so many want to write or receive real letters in the mail anymore. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. 🙂


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