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Day #2 of National Blog Posting Month & Nano Poblano.

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Hello! I’m a giraffe made of plaster. I don’t think I have a name, other than giraffe. What would be a good name for me? I used to be painted a dull brown and yellow, with parts flaking off. Then one day, I found myself being tossed away! I was scheduled to be sold at a yard sale. I guess they didn’t love me anymore? Anyway, the nice lady adopted me, taking me to her house. Actually, I didn’t get sold, because it was the nice lady’s sister who was having the yard sale. She just gave me to the nice lady. That was the best day of my life.

The nice lady took me home, dusted me off, and gave me a new coating of paint. I like the cool red and white paint she chose for me. I was tired of being a boring, not quite a real giraffe’s color. I think it suits me. I also got blue eyes! 🙂 Sometimes at Christmas time, I get a festive red bow tied around my neck! Fancy, huh?

Most days, you might call me the ‘guard giraffe’, as I camp out by the front door, keeping watch on things. I take my job seriously. I’m always up for a bit of fun, though. Like today…the photo shoot that had me traveling to the bedroom by the window, for the best lighting, which emphasized my red markings. I hope I live here with the nice lady for a long, long time.


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