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random thoughts before I forget


random thoughts before I forget… IMG_3410

I think it is funny…that all us bloggers who take part in the many challenges, like the one we post photos on. All over the world, we are all going out and about finding whatever the prompt is for that week/day. So here we go with our cameras and phones snapping pictures of the oddest things. Do we get funny looks? Probably 🙂 Maybe they are wondering why we are taking a photo of a yellow arrow in the street, or getting a close up of a random flower in the grocery store, or even an ordinary street sign, or a door. We should have a sticker or sign that says, “Caution…Blogger Stops at Random Times to take Photos of Weird Things”. 🙂

Another odd thought…Those of us who have phones/computers, etc., when we ‘like’ another blogger’s post, or leave a comment, the other person’s phone/computer can be turned for a tone/signal that a new ‘like’ or comment has come in. You know that little sound? So, it’s funny that from here, I can make someone’s phone/computer make a noise, wherever you are, even in another part of the world. It could get annoying if someone wanted to do that, just keep ‘liking’ and commenting over and over on someone’s post, just to make your phone/computer make a noise. I hope no one really does that, but it’s funny to think we have the means to effect someone’s electronic devices like that.

Now, that was way too many double words using the / mark, I know.


Uh oh… look at the time. I have to go get ready to go to story time at the library with my daughter and grand-daughter. I have to hurry!

Oh, got a text that it may just be lunch, and shopping today…too late for story time probably this week! Sounds fun, too! 🙂

Be back later on!

Enjoy your day!


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