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Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge – Air/Wisp


Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge – Air/Wisp



AIR and Wisp.

Calm before the storm

Air becomes saturated

Wisp of petrichor


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OCTPOWRIMO – POEMS – DAY # 9 – ELEMENTSIMG_20150928_151453

We were asked to consider the elements…Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Metal, Ice, etc. We could also relate how we relate to them. I’ve done this two part poem…one part about Earth, the other part about Water.

Have you ever experienced a Haboob? It is a massive, intense wall of dust/sand, that advances across the Earth, mostly in arid regions. Being here in west Texas, the climate is very dry. I’ve been in lots of sandstorms, some worse than others, but the giant wall of dirt coming toward our city is just amazing to see. You can see it coming, rolling, towering up into the sky. Most times the air is very still before, and then it hits, packing lots of wind. It can last for quite a while, turning the sky into brown or red, gritty blowing dirt. It gets everywhere, seeping in through cracks in doors and windows, and even getting into your mouth and eyes.

The second part of the poem, is about Water…namely, the rain. After being so dry, and dusty, rain is very much needed in this area. It is refreshing, and quenches the parched Earth, fills dangerously low lakes and ponds, and people sometimes run out in the rain, rejoicing.

Haboob – An intense dust storm

Petrichor – (Pet-ri-ker) – the Earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil after a long dry spell.



Mother Earth is on the move,

She blows across the land…

Her winds of change create haboobs,

Those towering walls of sand.


Liquid drops fall from the sky,

A tempest rain revives her…

For me, I get a natural high,

And a refreshing petrichor.



Haboob…turning sky red with dust, and streetlights came on in the middle of the day.

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