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More Yard Sale Tales


More Yard Sale Tales


Here’s a few more funny or interesting tales of my yard-sale-ing days.

These times I remember are fairly short, so thought I’d just combine into this one post. 🙂


  • Pesos – We held a yard sale ourselves one summer day, and we had a lot of customers.. That’s great, right! A couple of these people paid for the items they were buying in pesos, the Mexican dollar coins. Did we take them…yes, we did. At the time there was a nifty pizza place that would accept pesos when you bought a pizza from them. That’s what we did later, bought a yummy pizza with pesos!


  • Chaos – Meeting Chaos was fun. He was a beautiful Great Dane dog. It was at a yard sale block long sale, and Chaos and his owner were out in their front yard. We stopped by to say hi, and meet the friendly dog.


  • Office Chair – I’d been looking for an office chair to use here at my computer desk, and finally found a good one. We’d seen several not great ones, for a lot of money, which was too much for me to spend at a yard sale. But, at this one place I asked how much for this almost new black, high backed, swivel chair. The lady said it was one dollar $1.00!  Of course I wanted it, bought it, and my daughter and I rolled it down the sidewalk to her little car. The problem was how to get it in the car. Well, we lifted, pushed, pulled, and finally got it in there. I still use this chair today, and it was one of the best bargains I ever got at a yard sale.


So, these are just a few tales of yard sales. I have more I’ll post another time. 🙂


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