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Random What & Why


Random What & Why


Before I forget … just some thoughts and observations


Why didn’t I ever notice this?

Take the first letters of each month, and the ones from July to November spell out the name ‘Jason’.

J – July

A – August

S – September

O – October

N – November



What is the strangest thing you ever mailed through the post office?

For me it would be an empty peanut butter jar.

My daughter’s dog loved licking the leavings from peanut butter jars, so I mailed one to Mr. Maynard Wayne. She said he loved it. Here’s a picture of him. 🙂



What might be the silliest thing you ever asked Google search?

Mine is probably this: “Can a chigger bug live in your leg for years, and then come back to life?”

I’m pretty sure the answer is no.


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