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Sunday Trees – Love Chime


Sunday Trees – Love Chime



For today’s Sunday Trees challenge, I have photos of our one tree in the front yard. I think it is a fruitless Mulberry, and has been here for many years.

I have a couple of wind chimes hanging from the branches, and this little black & white kitty was looking at them, as he stood on the wooden bench beneath the tree.

The one chime is made of silver colored pipes and makes a nice sound. The other one – two views – is all rusted. It has the word Love spelled out, and there are several cow bells hanging from it. This chime has been there so long, the tree has grown around the ring on the chime.

Then, here’s a poem I wrote way back in 2015 about trees.


Little kitty, wind chimes, our tree!


Trees in winter

They stand and stare

Do they think that it’s not fair?

Patient they stand

Stark and bare

Enduring winter’s brutal air

Do trees dream of winter’s end,

Yearning for springtime to begin?

A fresh, new start

Green leaves so frilly

A time to rejoice, a time to be silly

Rustling with the nesting of birds,

Pretty music they make, without any words.

A sanctuary for many species

The need for trees only increases

Giving hope, shelter, and shade,

A tree’s true purpose will never fade.

I think a tree must know it’s worth…

The reason it is put on this Earth.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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