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So You Want to Visit a Junk Store?


So You Want to Visit a Junk Store?


I love going to junk stores, and thrift shops. There are so many things to see. Some are regular household goods, but other things are strange to see.

Some of these stores are neatly arranged, yet others are just thrown together higgelty-piggelty in a haphazard way. It doesn’t matter to me, I like them all.

I don’t usually have any certain thing I’m looking for to buy, but if I see something cool, I’ll get it … just because.

Don’t be put off by the aged and  funky smell of some of these places, or the strange people that may be there. It’s just because the stuff in there is used and pretty old, and the people are most always friendly and helpful.

Still you want to give the place a chance and look around for a little while. You never know what kind of treasure you might find.

Here’s a look inside the latest one we went to.


You’ve seen these posted before:

  • Front door made of red metal mesh
  • Pink side door by red brick walls (pecans in front of door)
  • Large opened parachute with mannequin legs in the middle
  • Some wooden chairs


Okay, we’ve entered the building. First we see a shelf of old boots to the left, and right in front of you is an old refrigerator painted red. It is chock full of magnets of all kinds. There’s even one of a ghost that says “Ive Been Booed’. ~  Everything is for sale.

Then there is a motorized scooter of black & white. Yes, it’s inside the store up by a shelf of who knows what.

Farther in there is a big round wood table, and behind that is a shelf of fabric decorator pillows, and a large sign. The sign says ‘The Nat. Ballrooms Caravan of the Stars’. It is blue and white with some stars.

Then, just a long shot photo of one area, full of junk. There are flags, an angel, a rack of clothes, a Christmas tree, a Darth Vader doll, an Uncle Sam Doll, and lots of unidentified things.

Back in the room with tons of books, there is a door that has a Halloween witch pasted on it.

Another section of the store has wigs. Lots of wigs, wig heads and also hats of all types. They look funny all gathered together. One even has straggly hair, a floppy hat, and another has sunglasses  on it.

Next we see an old fashioned weight and fortune scale. It is upright, yellow and red. It says ‘Character Readings – Your Future’. There are some old brooms beside it.

The last photo is of an old fashioned cash register, brown with white number buttons to push.

That’s about all the photos I took that day, but this store was huge, and jam packed with even more junk. We stayed quite awhile just discovering all kinds of odd things.

Did I buy anything? I can’t even remember. We saw so much stuff, and went to some other places that day, I mostly just took photos. 🙂

Now, I’m ready to go junking again. How about you?


~ Handy Tip ~ You’ll be best to wear old clothes (not your finest), and make sure you have plenty of hand sanitizer wipes!


And this is the ghost sign on the outside wall of the junk store. I took this right before we left.


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Today is the first day of random posts. I love doing the blog challenges, but want to do some different things, too. These will be whatever I think of on the day, be it a photo, a thought, a story, poem, art, or something musical. Hope you enjoy the surprises! 🙂



What is all this, you ask? It looks like a bunch of random items, and you are right.

The other day I was cleaning out my purse, and found all this in there. I have a habit of sticking all kinds of things in there, from wherever we go. Mostly to save for later, or whatever. Then I forget it’s in there. I’m usually surprised what I find later on, stuck down in the dark corners of my purse. One time I even found a live spider…how it survived in there, I don’t know, but he was a little one, and came crawling out. Yikes! But, I like spiders, so I let him go on his way.

Anyway, here’s what I thought of about all these things in the picture. I could definitely make a stab at survival, if need be, well, maybe for an hour or so?

There are saltine crackers = won’t starve, and I can leave crumbs to mark my trail

There are croutons = same as the crackers, if I feel like being fancy. Also I can feed the birds. Maybe there will be a carrier pigeon I can tie a note to his leg, That way I can summon rescue.

There is a package of eye glasses cleaner things = given out free at a store. I could at least get a clear picture of where I was located.

There is a compass = yeah, I know, it’s a toy one given out at my grand-daughter’s pirate birthday party, but hey…a compass!

There is a fortune cookie = in case I really want to know what my future of being rescued is…or I can just eat it

There are pieces of candy = root-beer barrels, actually. Those would be for keeping me happy as I wait! 🙂

So, there you go. These items were in addition to the regular stuff I keep in there. 🙂

Do you keep odd items in your purse, pocket, or backpack? Would they help you out if you were stranded somewhere?

Check in tomorrow for another surprise random post! 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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