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OCTPOWRIMO 2016 – DAY 17 – SAVORY – “CORNY” octpowrimo2016c


Today is the 17th day of October Poetry Writing Month, and the prompt word is ‘savory’. 🙂



photo found on Pixabay



Scarecrow guards

cornfield mild

Voracious blackbirds

Observant and wild

Relishing savories

Your crop defiled


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© 2016 BS

OCTPOWRIMO 2016 – DAY 15 & 16 – “WHO ARE YOU?”


OCTPOWRIMO 2016 – DAY 15 & 16 – “WHO ARE YOU?”


Today I’ve combined the last two word prompts for October Poetry Writing Month.

Day 15 prompt word was ‘blue’

Day 16 prompt word is ‘depth’



photo from public domain pictures



If you were to see,

A vampire with blue eyes,

Would you still be frightened?

Would you realize?

What if instead of fangs,

Sharpened to a point,

You saw a vampire’s teeth

All straightened and ajoint?

A Vampire could be anyone,

Anyone at all…

Just waiting for your trust,

Waiting for your fall.

You fall into the depth

Of those azure eyes;

Your heart on a silver platter,

Where you’ll surely be sucked dry.


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© 2016 BS



OCTPOWRIMO 2016 – DAY 11 – LIVELY octpowrimo2016c



Lively livin’ led to death

You had fun ’til your last breath

Now you lay in cold, dark crypt

From this world you’ve been ripped

You’ll rise again, once a year

All Hallow’s Eve night will soon be here

So, shake your bones and have a party

Your skeleton dance is hale and hearty

Open your coffin and have some fun

When the sun rises, your day is done


img_4157 img_4154

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OCTPOWRIMO 2016 – DAY 8 – POROUS octpowrimo2016c


Porous …means to have tiny holes, or spaces, for air or light to pass through.


All Souls Day, Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, is celebrated in the autumn of each year, on November 2. People honor their loved ones who have died. It is believed the veil between the dimensions of the living and the dead is thinner at this time of year, so all the souls are able to visit more readily. Offerings of food, trinkets, and flowers are gathered to bring to the graves, or an ofrenda in the home. It is a nice custom, and not scary at all.



Come alive, come alive, come alive through the veil

Through porous dimensions all souls will sail

Offerings of food and marigold flowers

Treasure your departed in these mysterious hours



Photos taken by me at a Dia de los Muertos Celebration…

Artist unknown


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OCTPOWRIMO – 31 POEMS in 31 DAYS – # 1- 7


OCTPOWRIMO – 31 POEMS in 31 DAYS – # 1 – 7 octpowrimo2016c

Playing catch-up with the OctPoWriMo challenge. This is October Poetry Writing Month, and we are to write a poem for each day in October. I’ve done the challenge before, and it’s a lot of fun. This time our prompt words are listed in the photo above, for each day.

Since I’m starting late (computer problems), I am combining the first week’s  poems in this one post. They are short, and hope you enjoy them. 🙂

Mostly my poems will be along the lines of spooky/scary because October is Halloween month!


Day One – Time

“Hounds of Time”

The hounds of time nip at our feet

Propelling us on to a savage beat

We walk, we run, we stumble, we fall

Yet, rise again to reach the end of it all


Day Two – The Void

“Lost in the Void”

Avoid the void at all cost

You will find that you are lost

All your sins for you to face

When you’re trapped in the

Nothing place


Day Three – Sparkling


Sparkling stars up in the sky

Stars in heaven, way up high

Light your way, light a spark

Look at them now, before all goes dark

Sparkling stars assault your eyes

Look at them now, before they (you?) die


Day Four – Purple

“A Purple Panic”

As purple panic fuels your fear,

Hobgoblins are drawing near

Bats and banshees hover close

Ready to administer a frightful dose

Now purple panic has set in

The night of terror will begin


Day Five – Sharp


Sharp the fangs

And red eyes pierce

My wicked visage

Is most fierce

Look not upon my face of fear

Lest you feel me rip and tear


Day Six – Tantalizing

“Terry Eats”

Beautiful fall day

Terry the tarantula

Tantalizing prey


Day Seven – Tasty

“Blood Meal”

You may think it strange

Tasty is the blood I drink

I am a Vampire


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Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who stopped by here during this month of October Poetry Writing Month. I appreciate that you took time from your day to comment, like, and even follow!

I have been trying to visit all of your blogs, a few at a time. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s writing…you all have so much talent!

I had fun writing these poems with the Halloween theme. Wasn’t sure I could keep it up, and it was a challenge. I’d like to thank Morgan Dragonwillow for inviting me to join the challenge. You can find her at… http://morgandragonwillow.com .

Coming up, here on my blog, I’ll be getting back to my true ghost stories (I have a few more to tell), and the loco letters, and whatever else I get interested in…even more poems, if the mood strikes me. 🙂

Until my next post…

Peace, Love, & Writing!



OctPoWriMo…October Poetry Writing Month… http://octpowrimo.com

POEM # 31



Fun, and games, and spooks that fright

All lead up to Halloween night

Parties, and candy, and carnivals, too

All this means, is fun for you

Pumpkins, mazes, and apple ciders

Skeletons, ghosts, and creepy spiders

Hayrides, and scarecrows, and cool autumn weather

We have a good time, when we’re together

Witch’s broom, and harvest moon,

It will be time to trick-or-treat, soon

Be careful, be safe, and have lots of fun

We’ll be back to normal, with the morning sun


Thanks for stopping by! 🙂



OctPoWriMo…October Poetry Writing Month… http://octpowrimo.com

POEM # 30



The day before tomorrow…is today…

Your mask of anticipation builds.

Excitement electrifies the air.

What will you be?

What have you been before?

Your inside self begs to come out.

Today, your tomorrow will be revealed.

Think of it…

Why do you want to be another,

Or, do both of you reside inside together?

One day to be the other.

Let it be known…

Your true self – your alter ego –

Will come forth.

A subconscious serenade to

What could have been.

You put on your Halloween masquerade of reality…

It hides nothing…It shows everything.

Your true identity is loosed into the here and now.

One night to reveal…One night to peel away

At your brick walls of respectability.

Go forth in your splendor…fooling no one.

Your psyche revels in it’s one night to be true.

Don’t be frightened, it’s only you…

Your innate personality shows you the way.

This one night to surface. They’ll understand.

You’ll squelch, and hide, and deceive yourself.

When the revelry is over, the night turns to normalcy and,

You’ll be the deceiver of your soul again.

Hiding away your alter ego for another night like this…

A future into what future may come.

You quiet your soul’s yearning for release from polite restraints.

Your wild wants out…it wants to take over.

Society would frown, and put you down…

You must fit in, you’re required to blend…

Until this one night – Halloween Night –

When your mask shows truly what you’ve been.


Thanks for stopping by! 🙂



OctPoWriMo…October Poetry Writing Month… http://octpowrimo.com

POEM # 29

Another Fun Blitz Poem 



Scream out loud

Scream for Halloween

Halloween is fun

Halloween in October

October thirty-first

October in the fall

Fall of Rome

Fall is autumn

Autumn trees are pretty

Autumn brings chills

Chills and fever

Chills and thrills

Thrills are exciting

Thrills are daring

Daring and brave

Daring to live

Live and die

Live and love

Love me tender

Love me and leave me

Me and you

Me and my shadow

Shadow puppets

Shadow people

People are strange

People watching

Watching the clock

Watching and waiting

Waiting forever

Waiting around

Around the world

Around the block

Block and tackle

Block of cheese

Cheese and crackers

Cheese fondue

Fondue is fun

Fondue is festive

Festive and bright

Festive at night

Night is dark

Night is cold

Cold as ice

Cold is blue

Blue skies above

Blue as your eyes

Eyes can glow

Eyes are orbs





OctPoWriMo…October Poetry Writing Month… http://octpowrimo.com

POEM # 28



Amazing and artful

Bewitched and beautiful

Come the creatures

Daring to dance

Enchanted and ethereal

Fantastic and frightening

Ghosts and goblins

Haunting your Halloween


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