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For today’s prompt, we were to do a poetry form called a Loop. I did one once before, but it was maybe a simplified type. This one today…Well, let me tell you…I’ve been pretty steady at it, trying to get something to come together, and in the right form, for NINE HOURS already! I’m done…no more Loops for me. It is just not my kind of writing. So, of course I wrote a poem about it…in my own style, and it came together in about 5 minutes. Maybe it shows, but I’m happy with the way I write poetry, learning a little at a time, trying to improve, and understanding that there are just some I cannot do. 🙂  Here’s today’s offering!



Nine hours in…I can’t even begin to

Write what I want to say.

Lots of ideas, all good for nothing,

So I threw them all away.

I’ve tried the Loops, and jumped through hoops, but

The words won’t come together.

This kind of poem is not my scene…

I’ll blame it on the weather.


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