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OCTPOWRIMO – POEMS – DAY # 25 – DOLL WORLDIMG_20150928_151453

Today’ prompt says to remember a toy or plaything from our childhood. 🙂


A little girl sits all alone

Her thoughts are running wild

What captivates her interest so…

This introverted child?

A mother, father, son, and daughter

Aunts, and uncles, too

Grandparents, and friends, and pets are there

No more will she be blue.

She’s created a world that’s all her own

She speaks as their creator…

They may be dolls, but to her they’re real…

Her family made of paper.


I used to cut out and play with paper dolls all the time. I’d get my little safety scissors, and cut carefully around the images of people I’d find in catalogs, magazines, and sewing pattern books. Then, sometimes I’d get to buy a new book of the paper dolls at the dime store. These would be sturdier, made of cardboard, and have a selection of clothes (with those little tabs) to dress them in. Many hours playing with these. 🙂


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