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I was happy to see the poetry prompt, today. The Blitz form is one of my favorites, and I do them all the time, just for fun.

This form of poetry is called the Blitz. It is made up of 50 lines of short phrases and images, with repetition, and a rapid flow of words. They are fun to read aloud.

Today’s theme was also about “Risky Business”…taking risks with your writing…what risks are you willing to take…would you ‘take it to the limit’? I’ve included a video from the Eagles (my favorite band) and their song “Take It to the Limit”, which fits this theme, I think, and also my poem…the freedom to write…the freedom to be yourself.



Take it to the Limit

Take it all the way

Way, way back in time

Way down yonder

Yonder is a place

Yonder is wild and blue

Blue skies

Blue eyes

Eyes to see

Eyes to the soul

Soul food

Soul searching

Searching for love

Searching your heart

Heart and soul

Heart beats rhythm

Rhythm of the rain

Rhythm is gonna get you

You are my sunshine

You take my breath away

Away down the road

Away down south

South of the border

South is in my bones

Bones of contention

Bones of a skeleton

Skeleton crew

Skeleton key

Key to my heart

Key up the music

Music is powerful

Music lifts your spirits

Spirits are ethereal

Spirits are ghosts

Ghosts of a whisper

Ghosts of a chance

Chance meeting you

Chance of a lifetime

Lifetime guarantee

Lifetime of memories

Memories of your love

Memories are made of this

This beautiful life

This beautiful beginning

Beginning all over again

Beginning to be free

Free to be me

Free to be you



~Way to be Free~


Do you take a chance with your writing…put it all out there…go for broke…try anything and everything for the love of the written word? Your words? Are you writing just for the money, would you give it up, if there was no money involved, or do you make time for what you love to do…your dream? Do you believe in yourself…that you are capable and can do it?

Have you been shown a sign? Do you have the absolute need to write? Do you take it to the limit?

I know I do. That’s why this blog of mine is a variety of different posts. I like trying new ways to write, and experiment with all types of writing.

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