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OCTPOWRIMO – POEMS – # 8 – SKY BLUEIMG_20150928_151453

Today for writing a poem, we were given the suggestion to think of our favorite color, or a memory of a color, that has meaning for you. Mine is sky blue. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved looking up at the sky, in all it’s wonderful shades of color. From midnight’s inky darkness, with moon and stars shining, to fabulous sunrises and sunsets, painting the sky with flames, of orange, and red, all are fascinating to me. I take pictures…lots of pictures of the sky. Each one is different…each time you look at the sky, it is changing, from moment to moment.

Here are a trio of Haiku poems, honoring the sky…


Enchantress of space

Gaze into the sky of blue

Universal Peace


Incandescent sun

As above you burn sky blue

Breathe…refresh your soul


Ever-changing sky

Blue azure sea above us

Ever-lasting love


Looking out into the sky of blue with clouds, from airplane.

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