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Neon Sign Photo Challenge – January 2019


Neon Sign Photo Challenge – January 2019



TammyB, at the above link has started a new photo challenge. Looks like fun!

We are to find neon signs, vintage or newer ones. The link above has the details.


This months prompts are:






freestyle (whichever sign you want!)


Garcia’s is a local Mexican restaurant where we go sometimes. The neon sign outside is green! Inside there are lots of neon signs advertising beer, so this Dos Equis one maybe qualifies as a drink sign? Or maybe it would be just a cool freestyle sign. I liked it, anyway.

The yellow guitar was for Shiner Bock beer, which is printed on the neck of the guitar. It was really pretty in person, but because the neon was so bright, it didn’t show up very good in the photo.

Last one is for Bud Lite beer, and there is an arrow!



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