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Countdown to Halloween – Day 7


Countdown to Halloween – Day 7



Poem # 7



In the obsidian midnight of my dreams

Nothing, no nothing, is as it seems

The deepest abyss now rules my soul

Insanity gathers to take it’s toll

Mysterious and strange, gravedigger dark

Undertaking souls…leaving it’s mark

Entombed in it’s ebony, inky deeps

Forever and ever, my spirit weeps

The fractures keep probing…my psyche desolate

A crystalline human, myself incarnate

I exist in dimensions, my aura will show

A higher vibration, an awareness to know

I swear my senses are not corrupt

Open my eyes…wake up, wake up

Lost in my nightmare, I’m not sane

I stare at nothingness, I’ll take the blame

My love for black…it’s manifestations

Color my world, in all incantations


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Moony – One Liner Wednesday


One Liner Wednesday

One-Liner Wednesday – It’s a Con-undrum


Weather forecast for tonight: dark. - George Carlin


I like this because it’s so obvious it’s funny.

George Carlin always was a favorite of mine, because he had a unique way of seeing things and making a statement about it.

Of course I like anything to do with the weather, too. It reminds me of this one local weather guy, who was always saying something funny. You know how in the weather forecasts they say it will be partly sunny, or partly cloudy…well, this guy had a one liner that struck me funny, too. He said about the night time:

“It will be partly moony tonight.” 🙂


We have a brand new One Liner Badge! Thanks to Cheryl, at “Dreaming Reality” for this cute little monkey! Cheryl can be found blogging at:



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