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Egg – NanoPoblano – Day 5


Egg – NanoPoblano – Day 5


It’s approaching that time again


Today, for NanoPoblano, I’m combining it with the Daily Post prompt, which is ‘egg’.

What’s to say about eggs? You either like them or you don’t. Maybe you like them only cooked a certain way, and would never eat one cooked a different way. For me, I like them any which way.

Now, I wouldn’t want one to be raw. I have seen where people will slurp one down, maybe in a drink or something. That’s just not appealing to me.

Wasn’t there a commercial about eggs that went something like, the incredible/edible egg? They are pretty easy to cook, and to use in recipes.

Most times we have eggs for breakfast, along with bacon or sausage, and toast or biscuits.

I like them scrambled, fried, boiled, poached, and even deviled. We made egg & bacon burritos this morning, too.

Here’s some photos of eggs: one that got broken still in the carton, a flat container of eggs that I’d gotten from my cousin’s farm chickens, and an egg with a double yolk, that we were frying.

Of course there’s a chicken photo, too. 🙂

If you like eggs, how do you like them fixed?



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