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What’s in the Box? # 3


What’s in the Box? # 3




I have a lot of boxes out in the garage, and in my closet that have been there for a long time. I thought it might be interesting to have a look inside, and post what all I find.

Some of these boxes are my stored away things, and some are boxes of saved stuff from my parents and grand-parents. It should be fun to see these long lost treasures.

I’ll be posting a new revelation as often as possible, with a few pictures, up until I either get tired of it, or run out of stuff. There are a lot of things to look through.

Hope you enjoy my ‘show & tell’ series! 🙂

Let’s have a look!


This is a box of things my granny kept.


~you can click on the picture to enlarge~


This is still the first box…of many…

I took a look in the box again, last evening, and here’s some things I found.

A leather box, that says Handkerchiefs on it, and a flower. It measures 6 inches x 6 inches x 2 inches.

It has the names of my aunt & uncle written on the side (probably by my granny, and must have been a gift from them) Travis & Edna …Xmas 1943.


I opened the box, and this was what was in there.


Straightening the jumbled stuff out there was…

  • 2 small Christmas stockings
  • 2 yarn dolls (girl & boy)
  • Small bar of Lux soap
  • Dried out cigar
  • Powder puff
  • 3 nuts
  • Very small fingernail file
  • Jewelry – ring, tie tack, small turtle w/turquoise bead
  • Small blue bowler hat (plastic)
  • Safety pin
  • Red round plastic ring
  • Transportation ticket (for bus?)
  • Novelty Medal = Medal for Fibbing (China)
  • Clear plastic heart w/newspaper clippings
  • Plastic zipper container w/other items inside
  • Very large safety pin
  • Part of a keychain = World’s Greatest Grandpa
  • 2 old pocket knives
  • Watch (no band)
  • Thimble
  • 2 Jacks


Here’s a closer look at these…

Inside the plastic heart/locket? were yellowed newspaper clippings of marriage and birth announcements of some of our family.

Inside this round container was…

  • Red plastic camel
  • Sea shell
  • Tarnished gold ring wrapped in paper. It says – To Zula from Ralston 1914.


So, that’s what was in the big box this time.

I’ll be looking in there again pretty soon…or in another big box. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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