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Here’s a link to the interview I did for Friday Phrases.

I have ghost stories to tell! – @ghostmmnc


Thank you Friday Phrases, for thinking of me for an interview! I enjoyed answering the questions! 🙂


Friday Phrases is a weekly Twitter game I’ve been participating in for a long time. Every Friday, we write micro-fiction stories, phrases, poems, jokes, and whatever we want. There is usually a prompt word, but you can use it or not. I like to use it.

We write our phrase/story, in 140 characters or less, using the hashtag #FP , then tweet it so others can read it. We re-tweet theirs. They are always fun to read, and everyone is invited to play along.

Here’s a few I’ve written:

The prompt word was ‘wilderness’ …

~ 50 years after conquering the human race, they roamed freely in the wilderness of concrete and glass, never to fear bug spray again.

~ Sewer rat, sewer rat, eating garbage, growing fat, living free in all the mess, he is king of his wilderness.

The prompt words were ‘pulling strings’…

~ She screamed in pain when the lady pulled the strings. Her first time geting her eyebrows shaped by threading would be her last.

~ With an evil laugh the muse pulled the string holding the plot together – words scrambled for survival.


Anyway, hope you enjoy reading the interview. It was fun to answer the questions. 🙂


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Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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