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WRITING 101 … VIGNETTEcropped-seal_v2-03

Today we were to write in the style of a vignette. This is a collection of brief scenes, possibly from different viewpoints, that all tie into the same theme of the piece.



I am the paper

I am the blank screen

I live to be used

Use me

Just write…


I am your muse

I am your imagination

I am here to serve you

Use me

Just write…


I am a writer

I own the paper and blank screen

I am the owner of my mind

Use them

Just write…


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

© 2015 BS




Nothing, nothing, nothing will come

It’s driving me batty…I’ve come undone

My inner critic is laughing, it’s true

But really and truly, I’m feeling blue

No verses, no prose, not even a pun

Who ever said that writing is fun?

My mind is full of tripe and nonsense

The words are there, but they make me wince

I string them together by one and twos

Then scratch them out, too scattered to choose

How many days must this go on?

The more I try, the more I’m alone

My muse, I think, has gone on vacation

Leaving me here with no inspiration

Can’t focus on anything…my thoughts on the run

And until I catch them, the race is not done

So, now I continue to sit on the fence

Which leaves me feeling frustrated and tense

Hey, wait…wait just a darn minute

A break in the clouds…I think I’m still in it

I have an idea, and it may be silly

But, no matter the trail be rocky and hilly

I’ll give it a try…see where it leads

Thread words together, like string through the beads


Peace }I{