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Day # 15 of NaBloPoMo and I suppose I’m feeling silly, so I figured a silly post would work for today. I looked up a bunch of movie titles, and made up a story using them. Here’s how it turned out …


Harvey was taking a sightseeing tour one Night at the Museum in Philadelphia. As he viewed a life-sized diorama of a cemetery, with a large Tombstone, he heard an eerie voice. It was a Ghost, relating some disturbing news. It seemed The Man With One Red Shoe had captured a monkey, and was trying to start an Outbreak with him.

“What is the matter with The Jerk?” Harvey said, aloud. He suddenly had a vision of some Gorillas in the Mist, down in Brazil, who were enraged at what the man was doing. They were so close to Bringing Down the House on the man, but needed back-up help to stop him.

Harvey knew he had to do something, to save that little monkey, and the world. He Summoned, by text message, Donnie Darko, the Bounty Hunter, and his Army of Darkness, and begged them to go down to Brazil in order to stop the man.

Donnie Darko, and his Army of Darkness agreed to help, and he was Gone in 60 Seconds, to go on this mission of Saving Private Ryan (the monkey’s name) from this tragedy. Along the way, his army of Young Guns marched with him, down Revolutionary Road. He told them the Ugly Truth of what was going on, and they would have to stop the man by using Necessary Roughness as their weapon.

It was a long journey…it took them 9 1/2 Weeks to reach the area. They kept marching From Dusk til Dawn without stopping. When the army got there, it took only 8 Seconds to The Hour to stop the man. They’d gone all Raging Bull, kicking him all the way Back to the Future where he was never seen again. The monkey, and the world was saved.


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