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I’m trying out this poetry form today. It is called the “Pleiades”, which is a 7 line poem, with 6 syllables on each line. Each line begins with the same letter as the title…which is one word.

I’d like to thank Carol, for sharing her Pleiades  poem on her blog, and giving me the idea to try it. Her blog, WritersDream9, can be found here



Magical, moonlit night

My love and I most right

Mood music binds us tight

May we both take a bite

Make the most of our plight

Mystery orb of light

Moonstruck at such a sight


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© 2015 BS







OctPoWriMo…October Poetry Writing Month… http://octpowrimo.com

POEM # 28



Amazing and artful

Bewitched and beautiful

Come the creatures

Daring to dance

Enchanted and ethereal

Fantastic and frightening

Ghosts and goblins

Haunting your Halloween


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