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Book Stuff


Book Stuff



2002 Michael Crichton – Prey


Here’s the book I’m currently reading. I’m about half way through, and it’s really good.


I’d been in a sort of a doldrums with finding something to read lately. I kept reading parts of old books I’ve read several times, and yeah, they were good, but after so many times, I just couldn’t finish any of them again. I really don’t like to be without something to read that keeps me interested for awhile, and want to read more every chance I get.

I have tons of books, old ones, and even new ones. The thing is, sometimes I’m in a mood for something, but don’t really know what it is …until I run across some book that will hook me for a few days.

This one I got at a book sale, probably, a long time ago. I hadn’t read it before, and I guess it just hit the right mood at the right time.

So, you can enlarge the photo to see the back cover synopsis, if you want.

Here’s what I’ve figured out so far.

The main character husband has been without a job for awhile, so stays home to care for the children. His wife has a high powered job, and is doing good, But…she starts acting very weird…like nice to everyone one minute, then cross and snappy with her family the next minute.

The baby gets sick.

There’s a super secret scientific lab out in the Nevada desert (the wife works there).

The lab is manufacturing tiny robot cameras. Some of them escape.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten. So…I have to keep reading to find out what happens next.


So, how do you go about finding something new to read? Like me, do you stand in front of your bookshelves, picking up one after another, reading a few words, then going nope, nope, nope, okay I’ll try this one…nope…Hey, this one sounds pretty good. Start reading it, and it turns out that you picked a good one after all! 🙂


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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Apr. 15/17


The word of the day, here at SOCS, is ‘moo’. Join in the fun, and see other entries by clicking the link above.


Moo…all I first thought of is the sound a cow makes. Well, that’s how we think they say it, but really…can a cow actually make the ‘M’ sound with their lips? I don’t know.

Next, I thought of the word ‘mood’, as in what mood are we in, am I in today. I know I change moods every little bit in a day. I’m not usually moody/broody at all. I can get my feathers ruffled, and get in a snit about something sometimes, but I don’t go around mooing about it very long.

How about that place called Mood. If you watched any of the TV reality show, “Project Runway”, they were always going over to the fabric store called, “Mood”.

How now, brown cow? Moo…we’re back to cows. You know that cow that jumped over the moon? Well, she must have been on some fantastic ‘mood altering substances’ to have tripped all the way over the moon!

Now, I’m in the mood to end this post about all the moos, and go get me some more iced tea, which has nothing to do with mooing! 🙂


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Well, I’m in a mood to not do anything.

Sorry, there will be no ‘Color Your World’ post today.

Here’s what’s going on. Everything was fine until I tried to access my Word Press on my iphone. It works fine, until it doesn’t, which was today. I can’t get in, so I can’t upload any photos. I don’t know what is the problem. I get a blank white page, and a crash notice, which is frozen on the screen. That’s all. I’ve contacted help people, and they responded, but I cannot find an answer from the place they said I could find an answer. All the other ‘almost’ the same answers, I couldn’t understand the directions.

So, after dealing with this since early this morning, I’m just done with it for today. This problem has interrupted my usual routine, of posting the color of the day post first, as usual. Now, I’m not in the mood to do anything. There’s plenty I can do on here without the photos, like regular posts I like to do, but guess I’ll wait until tomorrow and start over. Besides this here post, I’ll give you and myself a break from reading. …Maybe…

I’m gonna have one of my NA (non-alcoholic) beers, and go outside for awhile. It’s very strong winds, and blowing dirt out there, but it is warm…like 86 degrees right now, so we’ll see if my mood changes. It feels wrong to not be posting something… so I’ll be back to reading, replying to comments, and typing up stuff for you to read, pretty soon. 🙂


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OCTPOWRIMO – POEMS – # 3 – NIGHT OWLIMG_20150928_151453

Day # 3 of the OctPoWriMo month of poems, has us thinking about showing up. We may be tired, sleepy, ill, dealing with any number of real life troubles, or just not in the mood to write on any given day. But, we show up. We try our best to keep to our schedule of writing, whether we do it for work, or for fun. It’s easy to give up…to say you’ll do it later…to put it off. Then, you’ll find you’re falling behind more and more, and it is hard to play catch-up.

We were to write a poem about something that drains us, depletes our energy, keeps us from ‘showing up’. We could also try doing a shaped poem, but I really haven’t figured out how to do that, yet. I’ll keep trying, though, and by showing up and practicing and learning, I may someday get it.



I wake up early in the morning

Then fall asleep, without warning

In the middle of the day.

I try my best to stay up late,

But waking early is now my fate…

Coffee is the only way.

Cats are waking, claws are raking…

Meds need taking, and breakfast making…

When does a Night Owl get to play?


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So, we were in a restaurant the other day, when in walked a lady wearing ‘cat ears’…and they were moving up and down, and rotating, it seemed, without her touching them. She was alone, and looked to be in her twenties. After ordering her meal, she found a table to sit at, and began reading a book, or maybe playing a game on her ipad.

At another table, a group of ladies were curious about the cat ears, so one went over to ask about them. The cat ear lady got up, went over to the group table, where she was very happy to be demonstrating and explaining how they worked.

Of course, we could overhear parts of the conversation, with words like ‘I’m a geek’, and ‘the ears move with my brain waves’. Anyway, we finished eating, and had to leave. Later, I looked online to find out more about the ‘brainwave cat ears’ for humans.

As I’d never seen or heard of them before, I was surprised to find out that they are quite popular, especially with those people who participate in Cosplay, and also are purchased for costume parties, and general good fun. The ears are about 5″ tall and are made of fluffy, fake fur. They are attached to a headband, there is a small battery pack, and two sensors. One sensor touches your forehead, the other clips to one ear, and they are easily hidden by your hair.

The idea is that the sensors pick up electrical signals from your brain, causing the ears to move in several positions according to your mood…happy, excited, resting, and surprised. Experiments were done with volunteers to see if their emotions during the testing matched the ears movements…and they did.

The Neurowear company launched this product in Japan in 2012, calling it “Necomimi” which means ‘cat ears’. They sell for around $60 to $100, and you can also buy more ears to switch from cats, to foxes, dogs, and even devil horns. Of the reviews I read, there were only a couple of drawbacks…these being that the headband is small and not very adjustable, and that they are easily broken (it was not recommended for kids, because of this).

Would you like to wear ‘cat ears’ that show your moods…in public? I’m just silly enough, that I sure would…if not for the cost. Maybe I’ll put them on my wish list!

For a really cute video showing what the “Brainwave Cat Ears” are like you can see it here…the music is annoying, but it was really fun to watch! http://www.necomimi.com/WatchTheVideo.aspx Image