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And…the Weirdness Continues


And…the Weirdness Continues


So, I’ve told you about the missing book about making salt dough ornaments, and guess what? I found the book! It was nowhere near where I saw it last, and I found it in a big plastic tub of stuff I save for using in scrapbooks, and wrapping paper things I was going to throw away. I don’t know why I all of a sudden felt the need to go through that tub. I’m glad I did, though. Now, could be I’d put the book there myself at some time or other, but I don’t remember doing it. That’s why I never looked there earlier. Here’s the book…

Then, you know I got only two of my hair clips back…the others are still missing.

Here’s the weird thing that happened last night, clear out of the blue!

Let me set the scene… (yes, I wrote it down right after it happened)

It was 9:14 p.m.

Most of the lights in the house were turned off, so it wasn’t bright at all, as I sat here at my computer desk. The Mr. had already gone to bed, and Cricket, our cat, was dozing right by my feet. It was fairly quiet, even though the TV was on, at a lower volume. I was playing some game on the computer (sound turned off).

Suddenly, I hear a clinking sound like something fell on the hardwood floor right by me. I thought maybe a screw had come loose from my swivel office chair, so rolled it back to look at the floor. I looked at Cricket and she looked at me (she looked startled, too), and I said, “What was that?”

At first I didn’t see anything, but then noticed a dime coin was on the floor. Here’s a picture I took of it today. Just an ordinary dime, right?

But, where did it come from?

I’d been sitting in my chair, and gotten up and down from it, and walked past the computer desk, all day long, and there was no money laying around. I don’t keep my purse in this room, and never have any money on the shelf by my desk, either.

Just out of the blue, there came this dime, clinking down from somewhere.

As soon as it happened, my husband came quickly into the living room asking, “What was that loud noise?” I guess it woke him up. I told him it was just a dime on the floor, and he went back to bed.

I didn’t hear a loud noise, just the clink of the dime as it hit the floor.

Very strange.

Maybe the house ghost was trying to pay me for my missing hair clips? You never know.

Another thing with dimes that wasn’t really strange happened a couple of days ago, too. At the store I paid in cash, and got a dime in change. Then in the parking lot on the way to the car, I found a dime on the pavement, and I picked it up and put it in my purse. Hadn’t thought of it since, until the dime appeared falling to the floor. My purse, as I said, is never kept in the living room, so the extra dimes couldn’t have fallen out of it at all. I also looked in my purse, and the two dimes from the other day were still in there. So this new one was a completely random one!

What is it with these dimes? Is there some kind of connection?

Anyway, that’s what’s been happening. I’ll let you know if anything else weird goes on around here.


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One more true story about teleportation…


Have you ever lost something, only to have it reappear, years later?

This item I lost was a knife. It was an ordinary, inexpensive, paring knife. I had not packed it away, or just forgotten about using it, but one I used almost every day. I’d had this knife for quite a while, and it was my favorite, because it was easy to use, a good fit for my hand, and was excellent for peeling potatoes.

Then one day, as I went to get it from the drawer it was kept in, I couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere, even in other places, but it was gone. Over the years, I never quit looking for it…hoping it was just misplaced, and I’d find it someday. There were other knives that I could use, and did use, but none as good as that one. I’d pretty much come to the conclusion that it must have been accidentally been thrown out by mistake.

Then, this past year, it re-appeared. I opened the drawer to get a knife, and there it was, right on top of all the other knives…just like it had always been, before. It was like it had never gone missing, at all. I stared at it for a minute.

How did it come back? Where had it been, all these years? Why did it come back, now? Maybe, my parallel universe ‘neighbor’ had been using the knife for awhile. Had it been in someone else’s kitchen? Were ‘they’ missing the knife now, like I had?

Very strange…I suppose I’ll never really know for sure, but I’m happy it came back. I use it all the time.


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