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The third true story of my misadventures with Mexican food, I’ve named…


This time, my daughter and I were at a restaurant. We’d just finished a great Mexican food meal, which included a unique dip to have with the tortilla chips…a creamy jalapeno concoction, that is very good.

We were sitting at our table, the place was crowded and noisy, with people talking and cool music playing. The waiter came bustling by to ask if we needed anything else, and to take away our empty dishes. He stacked up an armload, and just as he turns to leave, all the dishes he was holding, toppled over…onto my daughter.

The plates and bowls were mostly empty, but there was some of the jalapeno dip left, and it went splashing everywhere. It was on the table, the floor, and all over my daughter, from head to toe…in her long hair, on her clothes, and on her sandaled feet.  We grabbed what few napkins were there, to try and wipe it all off. The waiter was all apologetic, trying to help wipe her off, then ran to get more napkins.

We did the best we could, then paid for the meal and left. Maybe we should have been compensated for the meal after that? The waiter did offer to pay for any dry-cleaning, though.

Now, back at the car, we were laughing about the incident, calling it the ‘Jalapeno Dip Flip’. We still had places we had to go, and so we did, even smelling like jalapenos. I don’t know if everywhere we went, the smell was noticible. If people did notice, they didn’t mention it.

Now, whenever we have Mexican food, we are on high alert for weird disasters to happen. 🙂Image



This is the second true story of my misadventures with Mexican food. As I mentioned in the first one, “Tamale Tumble”, strange things happen when we have Mexican food. I don’t know why…it doesn’t happen with other types of food.:)

This one is what I like to call….


“Oh, my God! The enchiladas exploded!” we screamed, and dodged, as hot glass and enchiladas went flying off in all directions.

Talk about a ‘hot mess’, we had one.

Grabbing the cats out of the way, so they wouldn’t step in or eat glass, we put them in a bedroom.

Looking at the huge mess in the kitchen, I was thinking all that work of planning, cooking, and decorating is now ruined. But what could we do? Shaking our heads, and laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation, we began the clean up.

It was me, my daughter, and her fiancee, trying to wipe up hot glass and enchiladas, without burning or cutting our hands. The deconstructed enchiladas were everywhere…on the stove, the cabinet, and the floor. There may have even been some on the ceiling, and I saw shards of glass in the side dishes of beans and rice.

It looked impossible to get it all wiped up. We must have used a whole roll of paper towels.

It had started out as a fun evening. My daughter had brought her fiancee over for a meal, for the first time. I’d gotten industrious…figured enchiladas would be just the thing, since we make them all the time, and they turn out great. I even decorated a bit, hanging up some sombreros, and putting a tiny pinata on the table. I’d used a colorful horse blanket for a tablecloth.

Now, look at what a wonderful first impression my future son-in-law has had of me and my cooking. He was a good sport about it, though. As we finished cleaning, we all wondered what we were going to eat, since the explosion had effectively ended my plans.

We looked at each other…”Pizza!” we decided. My now son-in-law was the hero that night. He went and picked us up a wonderful pizza, and even paid for it. We sat there at the table with the Mexican decorations, and enjoyed our meal, as we talked about the crazy thing that had happened.

The night of the exploding enchiladas is now just a funny family story we like to tell. 🙂Image




I love to eat Mexican food. Whether making it at home, going to a restaurant, or getting take-out, it is all good, to me.

For some crazy reason, though, there are incidents…strange things happen. The first of three, true stories, I call…


We wanted Mexican food, so my daughter and I drive over to a restaurant to get take-out. As we waited in the long line of cars, at the drive through, we decided tamales would be good. We were getting three separate meals, which came with the tamales, refried beans, and rice. We also got tortilla chips and containers of salsa.

They put it all in a large plastic bag, handed it out the window, and we left. I was the designated bag holder, on the way home. All was going great, the food smelled delicious, and we were almost home.

Suddenly, we had to brake hard to avoid another car. In that instant, the plastic bag of food slid off my lap and into the floorboard of the car. The styrofoam containers flew open, spilling hot tamales, beans, and rice, all over the place. Mostly on my feet. I was wearing flip-flops…the food was hot and squishy between my toes.

What could we do? We cackled with laughter, turned around, and went back to the restaurant for more food. We were determined to get some Mexican food that night.

So, we go back through the line, and the cashier looked at us funny, but we didn’t explain why we were back for more, after only a few minutes.

I kept on squishing the beans between my toes, hoping they’d hurry up and cool off and stop burning me. Finally, at home with the new bag of food, we pull into the garage. I open my door. The cat jumps into the car and immediately starts licking the beans, tamales, and rice off my toes. The hot salsa didn’t even stop him.

In the end, we got the cat out of the car, I washed off my feet and the floor of the car, and we could finally sit down and eat Imageall that yummy Mexican food.

It was so worth all the trouble.

~ Stay tuned for the second true story of my misadventures with Mexican food.