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Cooking Without a Stove


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Have you ever not had a stove to cook on? I have…a couple of times. We lived in unfurnished rental houses for awhile, and there were no appliances. We did have our own furniture, and a refrigerator…just no stove.

I had to get a bit creative, to say the least. As a family of four, there comes a time, like daily, that you need to cook something. I did have a microwave…a giant one, compared to today’s models. I’d cook most things in there, and the meals came out pretty good.

A really surprising cooking method I used, was on a “Stir-Crazy” popcorn popper. You remember those, don’t you? It was the electric popcorn popper with the large, yellow dome. I figured that since the surface got really hot, I could use it to cook on…like an electric skillet. There was no temperature setting, though. It worked great for fried eggs, and also, pancakes came out good cooked on there.

Another time, another house, we had the same situation. I still used the microwave and the popcorn popper, but had also acquired a “Snackmaster Sandwich Maker”. We were in the big leagues, now. We got really creative using it. We could make corn dogs, pizza pockets, and even the pancakes came out fun – like puff-cakes!

Quite a while later, we did manage to get a stove, which made things easier to cook, although it is fun to remember how we ‘made do’ with what we had.

Next up, we needed a washing machine, because using that old-fashioned rub board in the sink was getting pretty tiresome.

Well, another story…another day…


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Q – When did you first have a microwave in your home? Were you afraid it would make you sick, or did you embrace this ‘new’ technology?

I think when I was in maybe Jr. High School (when I was taking homemaking class), we took a field trip to a place called the extension center? Not sure, really, but they demonstrated a microwave oven for us. We were very impressed.

Many years later, say around the early 80s, we did get a microwave. It was one of the huge ones. I can’t remember us going to buy it, or if it was a Christmas gift, or what, but we had it a long time. I don’t think I was scared it would make us sick, even though the whole idea of it was strange. I liked that it cooked food really fast.

There was one house we rented, where it didn’t come with appliances. We had our own refrigerator, but no stove. All we had was the big microwave to cook with. We cooked just about everything in there, and it turned out good. We also had one of those popcorn making appliances, with the big yellow dome, and the wire arm that spun around…oh yeah, it was called the Stir Crazy. haha…we cooked on that, too. We cooked fried eggs, scrambled eggs, and made pancakes on it. We took the spinning around arm off though, first. 🙂

Well, that big old microwave lasted a long time, then we lost it! When we moved, we had all our things put in storage for awhile. My husband got stationed in Korea for a year, so the kids and I went back to stay with family. When we moved again, to get our things back, a lot of stuff was missing. The microwave was no more. We did get other ones over the years, but they were smaller ones, and we had an actual stove to cook on by then. 🙂


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