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Christmas Memory # 9 – Charlie the Tree


Christmas Memory # 9 – Charlie the Tree Click to view


For the days up until Christmas I’ll be sharing some short memories of Christmases past that I remember.


We’ve had a lot of Christmas trees over the years. Sometimes they were real trees, sometimes artificial. The one we had the longest was Charlie. Yes, we named this one. We thought he was cute and the name seemed to fit.

He wasn’t very tall, and he was artificial, but he lived with us for many years. Only about 3 feet tall, but looked happy when all decorated.

For awhile we seemed to go with a themed type decor. I can’t remember them all, but once we had a Mexican motif going. We bought wall posters, and real sombreros, and lights shaped like jalapeno peppers. That was fun.

Here’s a couple of them. The first photo we just had a natural look, with strings of pine cones, and red beads. I think there were little red birds on there, too.

The next photo was our rock ‘n roll Charlie. There were lots of pink decorations, a pink feather boa, and some sunglasses up top. Also there was a pink car, and pink flamingos. We had wall decorations of a jukebox, and cardboard record albums hung from the ceiling.

After many years, ol’ Charlie was looking pretty ragged – the cats had all chewed on the branches, and that didn’t help either. So we had to say good-bye.

Charlie was a good tree.


This is Charlie. Yes, we named our trees. 🙂

Rock ‘n Roll Charlie


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