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Fibbing Friday – Messed Up


Fibbing Friday – Messed Up


These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

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Below are 10 questions, the answers to which are entirely up to you.
The idea though is to fib a little, a lot, tell whoppers, be inventive, silly or even outrageous in your response as long as you evade the truth (or maybe bend it a little).


The questions & my answers:


1. What is the difference between Biweekly and a Fortnight?  … You see, it begins during the day time at the equator, and by the time you get all the way around the world, it’s night time.

2. How much oil would your lantern need to last a fortnight?  … Quaker State 30 weight will do the trick.

3. If you spent a fortnight in Paris, what would you see? … You would soon see your suitcases filled up with souvenirs to take back home.

4. What’s the difference between a microchip and a micro chip?    … One is a spying device and the other is a tiny potato.

5. What’s brown, shiny and sizzles? …  That would be a sausage.

6. How is the best way to make lemonade? …  You can make lemonade by washing your clothes in lemon scented detergent. When it is dripping wet, that is lemonade.

7. How many types of coke are there? …  There are a lot of types of coke. One, for example, is the result of smelting iron. Oh, but that’s true … let’s see … there are 50 ways to leave your lover? … no?  ummm – probably a lot of coke types. Yeah, let’s go with that answer.

8. Why was a sundae glass so named?  … A sundae glass is named that because 50 monkeys can’t be wrong.

9. What is hellsapoppin? … Hellsapoppin is popcorn flavored with chili peppers.

10.What did the Knights of the Round Table do during the day? … Knights of the Round Table played ping pong on a rectangle table by day.


My added on questions – Why is this post looking messed up? True answer = I couldn’t get the boldface type to go off, and also the italic one was on, too. Sorry! 🙂


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Kammie’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge – Deja Vu Calendar


Kammie’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge – Deja Vu Calendar



I thought this was pretty odd-ball.

A new calendar/notepad I’d bought for this year turned out to have 4 pages of the same months! Do I really have to re-live each month so many times? haha 🙂

I guess you get what you pay for…I got this silly calendar at the dollar store!


you can click photo to enlarge

small calendar & notepad with pink flowers. There are 4 pages for each month!


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