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Moo in the Morning – NaNoPoblano 2019 – Day # 8


Moo in the Morning – NaNoPoblano 2019 – Day # 8 


Place: In-law’s house in the country, or at least at the edge of their little town.

Year: Maybe around 1970 or so.

We lived in another state at the time, but would once in awhile make a trip down to see my in-laws. They moved around a lot, from one old house to another, so each time it was a different experience.

This place, as with most of the others was old fashioned, and run down. It had no air conditioning, as most of them didn’t. In the summer time in Texas, you really need one, though. They had portable fans, which only stirred the stultifying hot air around the rooms. We sweated – a lot.

I can’t remember what we found to do, exactly, but probably my husband went off with his dad to the mechanic shop. My MIL and Sister-In-Law and I stayed around the house. I do remember us making crafts out of colorful foam rubber – making those things we called ‘fridgies’. They had books of patterns to make. We’d cut the foam out, and attach little stick on magnets to the back. They were to be hung on the refrigerator as decorations. I made a butterfly.

At the evening time, I’m sure we cooked supper, and watched TV. I do remember some of those really old country western, black & white music variety shows. I really didn’t like that kind of music.

There wasn’t enough beds, so the mister slept on the couch, and I had to share with my MIL. Weird, of course. We’d bring the fan into the bedroom, and also the windows would be open, hoping for a breath of air. And, it does cool off a bit after dark.

First thing in the morning, after an uncomfortable night, it actually was nice for a few minutes.

The house was cooler, and dim in that time right before sunrise. We’d finally quit sweating, and so I would get up to look out the window. Only pasture land out there, and cows. The cows were close to the house and were mooing. Such a peaceful sound. There were also chickens clucking and roosters crowing.

That was my favorite memory of those days. The cows looking over the wire fence at me, and mooing. 🙂







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Have you ever had something happen that you remember, but no one else does? It’s a weird feeling to have, and you think there has to be some reason, some explanation for why they don’t remember it. Did the incident happen in an alternate reality? Were you the only one that actually did see it? Did your memory play tricks on you, or was it just a dream? I’ve heard of screen memories, where you have one memory of something, to cover up a real incident that was traumatic. Well, I’m not sure what this one was, but here’s what I remember…

I was just a kid at the time. It was the middle of the night, and as usual, I was up by myself, looking out the windows at the stars, and hoping to see a UFO. Yeah, I was a weird kid, into all kinds of strange thoughts and having crazy experiences with the paranormal…and, I still am.

So, I was looking at the sky, when I saw the fireballs. They weren’t in the sky, but right across the street from our house. There were huge, orange balls of fire, poofing up from the telephone pole behind that house over there. One after another, they’d travel up the pole, then a big explosion at the top into a giant fireball.

After a little while, the whole neighborhood was awake, and there were firetrucks, and people watching what would happen. With so much commotion going on, you’d think everyone would remember that night. But, no…no one I asked, not my family, nor the neighbors, ever remembered such a thing happening.

I know that the transformers on telephone poles do explode and catch fire sometimes, and I’ve seen pictures on the news of this. But, the fireballs I saw that night were not even close to being a normal type of transformer malfunction. It was just the one pole, and no fire was ignited anywhere else in the area.

So, I’m left with this fireball memory, which will never be explained.

Have you had something happen, that you swear was real, but nobody else remembers?


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