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Mystery of the Missing Pill


Mystery of the Missing Pill


So, being the usual klutz that I am, there was a small incident last evening.

I knocked my weekly pill container off the cabinet, and all the little doors opened and out spilled all the pills, on the floor.

I immediately gathered them all up and put them back (after wiping them off!) in the separate places, but one was missing.

Now, each day has 2 pills, one for morning and one for evening. I don’t usually forget to take one, so they should all be an even number in the container. But, one was missing!

I looked, and looked, all over the kitchen, where they fell. Still couldn’t find that one missing pill. It was gone somewhere. It wasn’t a big deal, as I have more I can take, but I didn’t want the cat to accidentally eat one.

And, it bugs me to think why would there be only one pill in one segment, when I know I put the right amount in all of them when I renewed the weeks worth.

So, where is the missing pill? I still haven’t found it! Did it fall through a black hole, or into another dimension, or a parallel universe. Will it show up at a later date? I’ve dropped lots of things before, such as an earring, and it was totally gone, but then showed up later. Why is this? I blame my house ghost of taking things all the time, which is a fact. Maybe they wanted to try out my medicine?

Well, you can see how my thoughts always turn to the mysterious conclusions. No secrets there, as that’s just how I am.

Meanwhile, I’ll wait and see what happens. 🙂


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