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Random What & Why


Random What & Why


Before I forget … just some thoughts and observations


Why didn’t I ever notice this?

Take the first letters of each month, and the ones from July to November spell out the name ‘Jason’.

J – July

A – August

S – September

O – October

N – November



What is the strangest thing you ever mailed through the post office?

For me it would be an empty peanut butter jar.

My daughter’s dog loved licking the leavings from peanut butter jars, so I mailed one to Mr. Maynard Wayne. She said he loved it. Here’s a picture of him. 🙂



What might be the silliest thing you ever asked Google search?

Mine is probably this: “Can a chigger bug live in your leg for years, and then come back to life?”

I’m pretty sure the answer is no.


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One-Liner Wednesday – An Unexpected Twist


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“Don’t Let Him Off the Leash!”


This is my daughter’s dog, Maynard Wayne. He’s a big, friendly, and boisterous dog.

One morning my husband wanted to take him for a walk, down to the lake by our house, so we put him on the leash, and off they went out the back gate. My daughter and I watched from the back porch, as dog and man made their way toward the water.

Now, what did we say, right before they left? “Don’t let him off the leash!” That’s because he’d be off and running wild, and when he’s like that, he doesn’t want to pay attention to the rules.

Sure enough, as we watched, the first thing that happened was, he was let off the leash. We just shook our heads and watched the drama take place.

Maynard took off  like a shot, jumped in the lake, and started swimming to the other side. We could hear my husband hollering, “Maynard, come back!”, and trying to run around to the other side of the lake to intercept him. This went on awhile. Finally, he caught up with the dog, and put his leash back on, and they trudged back to the house, Maynard dripping wet, with stinky lake water. We had to immediately give him a bath. He hates baths. He loves swimming in old lake water, but hates to be bathed…go figure.

This was a good time to say, “We told you not to let him off the leash!”

P.S. Maynard, his brother dog, and the family are coming to visit again, this weekend! Whee!


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