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More Yard Sale Tales


More Yard Sale Tales


I have a few more tales from my yard sale adventures.


Have you noticed that over the years, the prices people charge for their ‘stuff’ has really gone up?

Not every one does this, but still quite a few we go to, their items seem to be way over-priced.  That is for yard/garage sale prices.

When you go to a yard sale, you kind of expect to get a bargain, don’t you? I mean, the things offered are most always used, sometimes greatly used.

We don’t want to pay the original retail price for something that is fairly old, used, and probably out of date or style.

I don’t mind if something is old and used, and antiques are great, but for every day clothes or household items, I want a bargain. Otherwise, I’d just go buy it new at the store.

Years ago when we’d go out for a day of ‘sail-ing’/’sale-ing’, I’d only bring twenty dollars with me. That would be enough to last all day, and I’d get tons of things for my girls, and myself.

Now though, it’s like people think their stuff is ‘made of gold’ or something, with what prices they want for whatever. My mom used to say this – must be made of gold – even back then – haha!


Here’s another tale, from when I was trying to sell some things.

This lady I kind of knew was having a yard sale. My daughter was friends with her daughter, and the lady asked if I wanted to come over and sell some things, too.

I said okay, and hauled quite a few things over to her house. There were several more ladies selling their things, also, so it made for a pretty large display. We were hoping for a lot of customers.

Well, there were a lot of customers, but they were buying everyone’s things except mine!

True, they had some nice furniture pieces to sell, along with regular household items, and they made in the hundreds of dollars from it all.

But, I had some nice things too, just not furniture. No one bought my stuff! Actually, I think one person did.

I sat out there in the hot sun all day long, with these people I didn’t really know, and you know what? I made a whole one dollar for my trouble.

~ p. s. = This sale lasted all day, and no one offered any kind of cool drinks or refreshments, or lunch while we were all there. So…I sneaked into the house and got a piece of cheese out of their refrigerator to eat. I was starving!


Anyway, that’s just a couple of my yard sale tales. 🙂


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