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Missing – Again


Missing – Again


Okay, y’all…

It’s happened again that something has gone missing here.

I still never found the  missing medicine pill, or the book of how to make flour and paste ornaments. I’m tired of looking for them, and maybe someday they will show up.

Now, though, I noticed yesterday that my hair clips are missing. Just completely gone somewhere. They are just simple metal clips, and I had them on the cardboard card that they came on when I bought them.

I only keep such things in the bathroom where I do my hair and makeup in the mornings. There’d be no reason to have put them anywhere else. So where are they?

I’ve looked everywhere I can in there, and can’t find them.

It’s always some minor, insignificant thing that my house ghost takes. I’ve written before about my missing paring knives, items of clothing , brownie recipe, puzzle piece…and they all re-appear later or are brought back, some years later, or maybe just months, but eventually there they are in a noticeable place I’d looked a thousand times.

Guess I’ll just wait and see for when and if the hair clips show up again.

They look like these I found on Pixabay, but just plain black ones.

Clips Hair Clips Hair Accessories Children


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Share Your World – June 26, 2017


What goal are you working on now? Your goal can be something fun or extremely serious.  Have fun with this question.

I don’t know that I’ve ever had what you’d call a goal. There are some things I want to get done, and I either do them or not, but I wouldn’t call them a goal. Maybe this is a goal…to have started a blog, and have stuck with it. I do love blogging, and writing. Maybe writing is a goal. Then again, I never set out to do that. It’s just part of who I am, and what I do, since forever. I suppose posting my fan fiction story on my blog was/is a goal. I wanted people to read it, and that has happened! (thank you, readers). I wanted to be published, and that has come true. I have a couple of my poetry pieces published in a magazine. 🙂 I would say a goal would be to have a book published, but that is probably never going to happen, as I am totally lost when it comes to understanding how to do that. (see question 4 below).

What is one thing you’re glad you tried but would never do again?

Hmm…if I would never do something again, I probably wouldn’t be glad I tried it. Can’t think of a thing, at the moment.

Did you choose your profession or did it choose you?

I never had a profession, or career, as such. I worked in offices for awhile, but that’s just because I knew how to type, file, take shorthand dictation, etc. I don’t like jobs, and I’ve had a ton of them over the early years. Glad I don’t have to do that any more.

Have you ever gotten lost?

I get lost all the time! To be actually lost for awhile, is almost an every day thing. I get lost driving in my own neighborhood sometimes. (Crazy dead ends, and such) If you take the wrong turn, it can take ages to get back to something familiar. Mostly, I’m lost in thought…daydreaming, thinking of things to write about, and lost in confusion about lots of things. I’m lost when it comes to anything to do with numbers (discalculia), and figuring out directions to just about anything. I have a hard time hearing someone tell me how to do something simple, or seeing someone do it to show me how, or reading about how to do something. Actually, reading the directions works best, but still I get lost after a couple of items. You know how they say it’s easy to start a Word Press blog? Just do this and this, and voila you have a blog. haha…it took me months…months to understand what they were talking about. (goal accomplished – see question 1).  I’m glad I finally did, though I still don’t get a lot of it, like widgets! I’ve never been able to figure that out. 🙂

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

We had rain! Good old thunder and lightning and pouring rain last night. 🙂 More of the same is what I’d like to see coming up!


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For the challenge today, the word is … Mittens

Find out more about this month long challenge by clicking below:

Just Jot It January 21st – Mittens




Yes, she lost a little pink mitten. It was one half of her favorite pair…and it was pink!

My grand-daughter, who is 2, loves her mittens, but she has a thing about taking them off. One day, as she sat in her car seat, we were talking to her, while we stood by the open door. We were in the drive-way at home, and she was showing off her mittens to us. Then, later, after we got to the store we were going to, it was missing. We asked her where it was, and she said she dropped it on the ground. But, she wasn’t out of the car to drop it on the ground at all, unless it was dropped while we were talking to her earlier.

So, after getting back home we looked all over in the car, and it wasn’t there. It was not in the driveway. It wasn’t anywhere. The little pink mitten is still missing to this day.

Very strange…Maybe someday it will somehow reappear from wherever  it has been all this time. Do you think so? 🙂


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Looking inside my mind

Lighthearted thoughts I find

Laughing at what I see

Leaving reality

Labels – not to be bound

Lost…and hope to be found

Losing it, I un-wind…


This is another poem in the Pleiades form. It was fun to do, earlier, so I wanted to do another 🙂

This is also for the Open Link Night brought to you by dVerse Poets. Their page can be found here


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One more true story about teleportation…


Have you ever lost something, only to have it reappear, years later?

This item I lost was a knife. It was an ordinary, inexpensive, paring knife. I had not packed it away, or just forgotten about using it, but one I used almost every day. I’d had this knife for quite a while, and it was my favorite, because it was easy to use, a good fit for my hand, and was excellent for peeling potatoes.

Then one day, as I went to get it from the drawer it was kept in, I couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere, even in other places, but it was gone. Over the years, I never quit looking for it…hoping it was just misplaced, and I’d find it someday. There were other knives that I could use, and did use, but none as good as that one. I’d pretty much come to the conclusion that it must have been accidentally been thrown out by mistake.

Then, this past year, it re-appeared. I opened the drawer to get a knife, and there it was, right on top of all the other knives…just like it had always been, before. It was like it had never gone missing, at all. I stared at it for a minute.

How did it come back? Where had it been, all these years? Why did it come back, now? Maybe, my parallel universe ‘neighbor’ had been using the knife for awhile. Had it been in someone else’s kitchen? Were ‘they’ missing the knife now, like I had?

Very strange…I suppose I’ll never really know for sure, but I’m happy it came back. I use it all the time.


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To continue my tales of teleportation, I will start with a question. Do you have reason to believe that actual objects can be teleported from one place to another, by paranormal means?

If you’ve read my other posts, on this subject, you already know that I believe it is possible. It happened to me and my daughter, and to my cat, Weena.

There are a few more incidents of this kind, involving non-living objects, too…right here in the house.

This first one concerned a recipe I was looking for. It was for brownies…a favorite recipe I’ve used for years, because they always turn out great, and are easy to make.

It had been written in a little notebook, on blue paper, probably a little larger than an index card. The notebook had come apart a long time ago, but I still had the little blue pages of recipes. This one was hand-written by my mother, so I didn’t want to lose it. She had passed on quite a few years ago.

Anyway, I wanted to make a pan of brownies, so I looked in the kitchen drawer, where I keep recipes, but couldn’t find it. I found lots of those blue pages, with other recipes written on them, and several books, and other papers, but this brownie one was not there where it should have been.

I did look in one more place, just in case it had been put in there. It was a clear, plastic storage bin of drawers, that held kitchen items. It wasn’t there, either. I mean, I took everything out of both places, going through each bit of paper, and book, more than one time.

Finally I gave up ever finding it. I sat down at the table, for a few minutes, just thinking, where could it be? So, I tried something…I spoke out loud, asking my mother if she knew where it was, and could she help me find it. After another few minutes, I got the funny feeling that I should look over to the clear, plastic cart of drawers.

I look, and immediately see the recipe in the bottom drawer, in the front, in plain sight. There was no mistaking it, and it was not there, before.

I go over and get the recipe…yes, it’s the brownie recipe I’d been searching for. I got to make the brownies that day, after all.

Now…how do you explain something like that? I think, with my mother’s help, that it was able to re-materialize here, from some other place…another dimension? a parallel universe? I’ll never know where it was, or how it came back, I guess. But, I believe it was teleported from somewhere.

Maybe, it was the power of believing that helped it to manifest back over here, in our reality, because I really wanted some brownies!


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As promised, here is another of my true tales of teleportation. At least, that is what I call these incidents.

Have you ever been at a certain place, and then suddenly, without knowing how, you are at another place? This happened to me and my daughter, one summer day, not long ago.

We’d been out and about town, going to yard sales, on a Saturday morning. We’ve done this off and on for years, and we know the streets and areas pretty well. Once in awhile, we drive around an unfamiliar neighborhood, trying to find the advertised address, without too much trouble.

This morning was about the same, and we did find the yard sale. It was in a little housing area just to the south of the city. To get there was no problem…just one turn from the main road, then into the residential streets. We did our shopping, then got back in the car to go find more sales.

We pulled back onto the main road we’d come in on; that much I know. It should have been the one turn, back the way we’d come. I know we turned in the right direction…north. However, nothing looked the same at all, now. The housing area where we’d just been, was not there anymore. It should have been off to our right, but there was no sign of it at all. We didn’t see any of the landmarks we’d noticed on the way there, and even the dip in the road and the stop sign, we’d taken note of earlier, was not there, now.

We kept driving straight, along this road, hoping to see something we recognized. The whole time, we kept remarking about how weird this was. We couldn’t figure it out. We felt really lost…in our own town, and were getting nervous about it.

Finally, finally we saw a street sign that told us where we were. But, it seemed impossible that we were at this place and on this street, now. We’d only made the one turn, back toward town. Now we were miles away from where we’d been, and in a completely different area and on this different street. We’d have had to make even more turns to get on this one.

We were relieved to know where we were, now, but still had no explanation of how it happened…except that maybe, just maybe, we’d been through a time/place/space warp…or something!

There could have been a portal that swallowed us up, moving us to the other place. We didn’t feel anything, we didn’t see anything…we just found ourselves in a completely different place in that split second.

I don’t have any idea why, or how this happened, but since it did, and we were eventually able to find our way back, it seems pretty amazing. I wouldn’t mind doing it again, but would like a warning that it was going to happen, first!


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