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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Key


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Key 

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Dec. 7/19


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “key.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!


Today for SOCS we have the prompt word ‘key’. Thanks, Linda!

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The key

The key is gold

The key is silver, too

The key is old

The key is new

The key can be for me, or

The key can be for you


Lots of things to say about keys, isn’t there.

I’ve had posts about keys before – how I locked the keys in the car, or couldn’t find my keys to get into the house. Neither of these are a good thing. First you panic, then you try to figure out how to get in without a key. Sometimes you can figure it out, and other times you have to call a locksmith to come open the door for you. One time I just waited outside in the 115 degree summer day, waiting for my mister to come home with his key. I was melting!

I’ve written posts about all the cute key chains I have. The more odd they are, the better I like them. I have a coffin one, believe it or not.

Key – I used to take a bunch of old keys (couldn’t remember what they went to), or I found a bunch of old keys at a yard sale, and I would make wind chimes out of them by stringing them onto something so they’d tinkle in the wind.

There are probably lots of quotes about keys or the key to something – like life, or love, or whatever. I’m not looking them up, though.

Do they give out keys to the city to people any more, like you see on TV shows? Wonder what you’d have to do to earn one of those, and what privileges that would give you.

Seems like I should end this with some great thought about keys, but I can’t think of anything else … so …

I’ll wish y’all a wonderful weekend!


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Have you ever been locked out? It’s been awhile since I’ve been locked out of some place. It is not fun to try to open a door, and …uh-oh…it’s locked, and you don’t have the key!

Maybe you left it inside the house or the car, when you shut the door. It happens…being in a hurry, or just forgetful, or any number of reasons.

First, you keep jiggling the door handle, hoping you can somehow manage to loosen it, and it will magically come open. This is not going to happen, and really, you know it, but you keep trying.

You look around for help from someone, neighbor, stranger, anybody…and no one comes. You seem to feel there are eyes peeking at you from behind curtains, and that everyone in the universe is watching and laughing at your dilemma.

I’ve been locked out of my cars and house many times. The last resort, of course is to call the professional locksmiths to come open the door…and yes, they charge a fee for this service. By now, however, you don’t care how much it costs…just get it open – please!

Once me and my daughter (who was expecting a baby) had gone to yard sales. It was a very hot day. We bought a few things, then back at the truck, we found that the keys had been left inside…and the doors were locked. We could’t reach any family members to come rescue us. The people who were having the sale, noticed we were having a problem, so they came and tried the door, too. Finally, we did call for the mobile locksmith to come. While we waited, the nice yard sale people brought us lawn chairs to sit on, and cold soft drinks.

We hated spending our yard sale cash on opening the door, but it was all that was left to do. I can’t remember if we continued to shop, or just went home that day. Did we learn to check for the keys, before shutting a door? Yes, for awhile…then later on, uh-oh…locked out again.


(Originally written on 4/14/14 for an A to Z post – letter L)

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