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19 SOMETHIN’ SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE – DAY # 3 19-somethin_sidebar_button



Q – Did you ever take something apart just to see how it worked or what was inside it? What did you find in there?

I’m sure I’ve taken some things apart before, but can’t think of anything specific. So…here’s a couple I take apart or open on a pretty much daily basis. I crack open a book every day, to see what’s written inside there. Here’s what I’ve found in every single book…words, sentences, paragraphs, and occasionally a picture.  I also take apart some eggs for breakfast. I crack them open, and guess what…there’s a yellow yolk in there every time. Never saw an egg without a yolk. One time though, the mister cracked open one and he said there was a forming baby chicken in there. That creeps me out, so I choose to believe he was just teasing. I sure didn’t want to see it, if it was true.


Back when I was a kid, me and my cousin and sister used to cut open golf balls. That was a lot of fun. We’d take a knife and cut, cut, cut, until all these rubber band things would spring out at us. There sure were a lot of compressed rubber band strings inside a golf ball. It would make a crackly noise as they unfurled all over the place, while we screamed and laughed. When that got all done, there was a little rubber ball left inside. We’d take that one to play our games of jacks with. 🙂 Not sure if golf balls are made that way anymore.


Now, without taking these next ones apart, I know what is inside a digital adding machine, or well, not sure really what it was used for, maybe many things. You know those little numbers that light up when you turn on a calculator or something. Well, I had a job at Texas Instruments in the ‘light up’ department. We’d have to light up each and every tiny little number diode, one at a time on a special machine. It would light up the number and we could tell if the number was good (showing all the parts of it) or not. We had to keep a tally of how many we did in an hour. I got pretty fast at it, several hundred, I think. So, I saw inside those things the numbers were made for, before it was made.

Along the same lines, I worked at Litton Industries making wiring harnesses. We’d get a diagram, and the kind of wires we needed to use for a particular one, and we’d cut and strip the wires, measure, and put them all together like it said. Then we’d solder them and more diodes too the board. These were used in things like microwaves, space rockets, and all sorts of things.

So, I’ve seen the inside of a few different things in the past. 🙂


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