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Currently I Am ? – NaNoPoblano 2019 – Day # 7


Currently I Am ? – NaNoPoblano 2019 – Day # 7 


I used to do these almost every day for awhile. Maybe I’ll do it more frequently. 🙂


Day – November 7, 2019

Time – 11:25 a.m.

Weather – 34 degrees F (1.1111 C) – Raining now and will continue most of the day (most of the day yesterday with thunder, too) – Wind is NNE at 15 mph.

Wearing – pajamas (leopard print pants & long sleeved black sweater)

Drinking – Iced tea

Eating – Nothing, but hungry for lunch soon

TV – “Friends” is on and I’m sort of watching

Reading – blogs

Will Read –  Continuing – Book # 5 of the Gone series (Fear), by Michael Grant (second time I’ve read these) = very good

Staying – Home

Going – Nowhere today

Feeling – Fine

Thinking – Trying to think of something to post


What are you doing currently?







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A B C s of Foods I Haven’t Eaten


A B C s of Foods I Haven’t Eatenabc-wiggly-animated-clipart.gif



Just thought I’d make this list of foods I have never eaten. 🙂


A – anchovy

B – Borsht

C – caviar

D – durian

E – etouffee

F – fish taco

G – gefilte fish

H – hummus

I – iced coffee

J – jackfruit

K – kohlrabi

L – latte

M – mussels

N – naan

O – Octopus

P – persimmon

Q – quince

R – rutabaga

S – saffron

T – tiramusu

U – unagi

V – vichyssoise

W – wassail

X – xavier steak

Y – Yorkshire pudding

Z – ziti


~ clip art from – https://classroomclipart.com/


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10 Essential Kitchen Items


10 Essential Kitchen Items


Just ran across a couple of my favorite blogs, and found … kitchen lists!

I believe Laura got it started with her post on “Riddle From the Middle” (link below).

gratitude: 10 items from the kitchen

Then, I saw that Melanie posted her own list on “Sparksfromacombustiblemind” (link below).


Go check them out…their lists are different from mine, and so fun to read! 🙂 I agree with most all they listed, so will name different things here.


My list of 10 Essential Kitchen Items are:

Small food thermometer.

I use this every day, to see if I’ve gotten the food heated to the right temperature. I’m so paranoid about under done food, it sure helps put my mind at ease. Seems everything you cook has a recommended temp. to achieve, and now I can be sure.

Small wire strainer.

I use mine a lot, well…to strain things. I can’t eat small seeds, so I use the strainer to filter them out, whether wet foods or dry foods. Case in point would be picante sauce. It is so yummy, but is full of tomato seeds. Also, packets of spice combos have tiny pepper seeds in there, so I filter them out, while the rest of the flavorings strain through, leaving the seeds behind.

Pot holders.

I couldn’t imagine not having a pot holder to grab onto hot pots and pans. I guess I could use a towel, but those mitten type pot holders are the best.


For me it is essential for heating up food and coffee. I don’t like cold, or semi-warm of either, so use the microwave a lot. I used to have one of those giant sized ones, and it definitely came in handy in the past. We rented a place that had no stove, and we didn’t have one to install, so I cooked everything in that big ‘ol microwave. Except for frying things, it worked great. For frying, I used our Stir Crazy popcorn popper!

Knives, Forks, & Spoons.

I sure am glad we have these eating utensils. Do you have your favorite ones to use? I do, and look for those every time. Don’t take my little fork, and big spoon!

Kitchen table.

We hardly ever eat at the kitchen table any more, but we sure do use that table a lot. It’s where we work our jigsaw puzzles, and fold up laundry, and do crafts, and pile up papers before we have to deal with them.

Good silicone spatulas.

I never knew how useful these were, until we got some. I’d usually had the regular kind of plastic, but they were so easy to melt when they got too hot while stirring something. These silicone ones don’t melt and we use them all the time.

Kitchen timer alarm bell.

I’m forever going off and leaving something cooking on the stove or in the oven, and then completely forgetting about it. If I didn’t have the alarm ringing for the set time, I’d have even more food burned.

Cotton dish towels.

I never have enough of these. I use them for pretty much everything, even when a paper towel is handy. I need to get some new ones, as the ones I have now are getting raggedy. I used to embroidery cute pictures on plain white cotton flour sack dish towels, to give for gifts to people at Christmas. They are sturdy, and last a long time. Just regular terry cloth dish towels are great, too.

Real Aluminum baking pans.

There are lots of kinds of baking pans, but I’ve always liked the aluminum ones. They are getting hard to find, though. We looked for some pie pans, and couldn’t find any. I have quite a few really old ones, and it seems the older they are, the better they are. I have muffin tins, and pie pans, and cookie sheets, and square pans, and round ones, too. Some I’ve had for years, and some belonged to my grandma. These are the real deal! They don’t rust, and they aren’t the teflon kind that scratch. If you ever find some old ones, they are worth it.


That’s all for my list, though I know I could think of more. What would you like to list as favorite items in the kitchen?


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The Anti-Bucket List


The Anti-Bucket List Bucket Cleaning Wash Capacity Pen Plastic


So, I found this fun list to do over at Suze’s place, and she found it from Georgie, at her place, and now I’m taking on the challenge (of course – I can’t resist a fun challenge).

You can find Suze blogging at:  https://suziland.site/2018/05/26/its-all-georgies-fault/

You can find Georgie blogging at:  https://georgiemoon2016.wordpress.com/2018/05/26/my-anti-bucket-list-3/


Now this is an Anti-Bucket List, where we list things we’d Never Do! It was harder than I thought it would be to come up with some of these.

  1. I would never get in a lake. Why? Because there are fish in a lake, and my worst phobia is fish!
  2. I would never water ski or snow ski. First, water skiing takes place on a lake (see #1), and snow skiing is on snow. I don’t like winter or snow.
  3. I would never climb a mountain. I love looking at mountains, but climbing one – nope.
  4. I would never again stand in a fire-ant bed. I unwittingly did that before, and talk about the fiery pain of the stings! Never again.
  5. I will never again lay out in the sun to get a sun tan. I used to, but never got a tan, just sun-burn.
  6. I would never eat raw fish. Yuck! For one thing, it’s fish, and raw fish creeps me out just as much as real live fish.
  7. I would never bungee jump, parachute from a plane, or try my hand at window washing skyscrapers.
  8. I would never wear fake fingernails. I like mine very short, and fake ones, well…they look like ugly fake claws.
  9. I would never (knowingly) eat bugs.
  10. I would never stick my arm in a box full of mosquitoes to demonstrate how effective a mosquito repellent is.
  11. I would never want to be a Cobra snake charmer.


That’s all I could think of at the moment. What would be on your Anti-Bucket list? 🙂


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What I Do – a List


What I Do – a List  

Just so I can try to remember all the kinds of posts/challenges I do on here:

Some of these I do regularly, some off and on if I have something to post. Hope I’ve remembered them all!


  1. Fan fiction story – “Two Souls: Into the Fire”
  2. Random Posts
  3. Dear Diary
  4. Share Your World
  5. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge
  6. Weekly Weather
  7. One Word Photo Challenge
  8. 51 Weeks/51 Songs From the Past
  9. Song Lyric Sunday
  10. One Liner Wednesday
  11. dVerse Poets
  12. Flower of the Day
  13. Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge
  14. Stream of Consciousness Saturday
  15. September Challenge – Back Where I Come From
  16. Skywatch Friday (Occasionally)
  17. Daily Post (occasionally)
  18. Cee’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge (now on hiatus)
  19. Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge (now on hiatus)
  20. Manic Monday (music) ? Hope it comes back
  21. Monthly Shape Adventure
  22. Themed Tongue Twister Tuesday (monthly)
  23. Cee’s Twisted Alphabet
  24. Twittering Tales
  25. Three Line Tales
  26. Friendly Fill-Ins
  27. Recycled Book Reading Challenge (monthly)
  28. Just Jot It January

These I have done as they come current, and I may or may not do them again the next time:

  1. A to Z Blog Challenge (April)
  2. October Poetry Writing Month
  3. Crayola Color Your World Challenge (Jan. – April)


That’s all I remember at the moment. Seems like a lot, doesn’t it? I’m fine with all of them, and sometimes want to do even more. I have the time, as most are only once a week or even once a month.  It’s hard to resist a new challenge when I hear of one!


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Today is the first day of random posts. I love doing the blog challenges, but want to do some different things, too. These will be whatever I think of on the day, be it a photo, a thought, a story, poem, art, or something musical. Hope you enjoy the surprises! 🙂



What is all this, you ask? It looks like a bunch of random items, and you are right.

The other day I was cleaning out my purse, and found all this in there. I have a habit of sticking all kinds of things in there, from wherever we go. Mostly to save for later, or whatever. Then I forget it’s in there. I’m usually surprised what I find later on, stuck down in the dark corners of my purse. One time I even found a live spider…how it survived in there, I don’t know, but he was a little one, and came crawling out. Yikes! But, I like spiders, so I let him go on his way.

Anyway, here’s what I thought of about all these things in the picture. I could definitely make a stab at survival, if need be, well, maybe for an hour or so?

There are saltine crackers = won’t starve, and I can leave crumbs to mark my trail

There are croutons = same as the crackers, if I feel like being fancy. Also I can feed the birds. Maybe there will be a carrier pigeon I can tie a note to his leg, That way I can summon rescue.

There is a package of eye glasses cleaner things = given out free at a store. I could at least get a clear picture of where I was located.

There is a compass = yeah, I know, it’s a toy one given out at my grand-daughter’s pirate birthday party, but hey…a compass!

There is a fortune cookie = in case I really want to know what my future of being rescued is…or I can just eat it

There are pieces of candy = root-beer barrels, actually. Those would be for keeping me happy as I wait! 🙂

So, there you go. These items were in addition to the regular stuff I keep in there. 🙂

Do you keep odd items in your purse, pocket, or backpack? Would they help you out if you were stranded somewhere?

Check in tomorrow for another surprise random post! 🙂


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10 DAILY CURRENTS – APRIL 4, 2016 IMG_2167

It is Monday, and the time I’m starting this is 11:24 a. m.

I am currently…

Listening … and not really listening, to random TV shows, as my husband flips the channels

Eating … nothing right now

Drinking … iced tea

Wearing … black velvet (?) pants, black and gray striped, long-sleeve top, medium long nylon slip under top, black Croc flip-flops

Feeling … satisfied that I did some chores already today (got 2nd load of laundry going, cleaned 2 bathrooms, did dishes)

Weather … is sunny, and 75 degrees, supposed to go up to mid 80s later

Wanting … something good for lunch, but have no idea what it will be, as of yet

Needing … to get my A to Z – letter C done. It’s mostly ready, but as usual I procrastinate, finding other things to do instead

Thinking … about this and that, whatever comes to mind, which changes every few seconds, a bit like the random TV channels being flipped…ADHD will do that to you…

Enjoying … writing this daily currents post. I probably should call mine the ‘every few days, or whenever I get to it’ currents, instead of Daily Currents


If you’d like to make your own Daily Currents list, feel free to do so. Link back to me, also, as I’d love to read yours!

Thanks, Lori, for suggesting I do the Daily Currents! Find Lori’s entries at her blog, “As the Fates Would Have It” by clicking below:



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For the 5th day of Prompts for Just Jot It January, the year of 2016 was suggested. Here’s a few things I’ve learned toward the end of 2015, and these first few days of 2016. I’m sure these are not new to a lot of you, but I’d never tried them before. Sometimes, I’m afraid to try new things on the computer, in case I mess it all up, but so far these have worked ok. It takes me some bit of time to remember what to do, though, because it’s not automatic for me yet. 🙂

I learned …

  1. What a pingback is and how to do one
  2. To back up the content on my blog (save)
  3. To put a music video on my blog
  4. Copy and Paste
  5. To be something new learned

You can find out how much fun this challenge is by clicking below…




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Today I’m going down the alphabet listing a couple of well-known (to most) sayings. You may call them Idioms, or Cliches, or Phrases. I’m going to just stick with sayings…because I do say them a lot. In writing stories, you’re advised against using them, because they are so well-known, they’ve become stale and boring. I get it. However, when you’re writing dialog, you want your characters to sound believable in what they say. My thoughts on this is write how they talk, and if a cliché, or well-known phrase comes out, then that’s fine. 🙂  Anyway, here’s the list of some I found…

A – All brawn and no brain ~ ~ All things being equal ~~ Afraid of your own shadow

B – Back to square one ~~ Bad hair day ~~ Barking up the wrong tree

C – Can of worms ~~ Can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs ~~ Calculated risk

D – Day late and a dollar short ~~ Devil’s advocate ~~ Dead as a doornail

E – Eager beaver ~~ Easier said than done ~~ Eat your words

F – Face the music ~~ Fair and square ~~ Feather in your cap

G – Grin and bear it ~~ Gut feeling ~~ Good as gold

H – Handle with kid gloves – Hang on for dear life ~~ Heard it through the grapevine

I – Icing on the cake ~~ Ignorance is bliss ~~ In the long run

J – Join the club ~~ Jump to conclusions ~~ Jump the gun

K – Keep your fingers crossed ~~ Kick the bucket ~~ Keep your nose to the grindstone

L – Land on your feet ~~ Last but not least ~~ Larger than life

M – Made of money ~~ Make ends meet ~~ Make a mountain out of a molehill

N – Neck and Neck ~~ Needle in a haystack ~~ Next best thing

O – Off the top of your head ~~ One fell swoop ~ Once in a blue moon

P – Packed like sardines ~~ Penny for your thoughts ~~ Piece of cake

Q – Quaking in your boots ~~ Quiet as a mouse ~~ Call it Quits

R – Raise the roof ~~ Raining cats and dogs ~~ Ring a bell

S – Saved by the bell ~~ Scrape the bottom of the barrel ~~ Scratch the surface

T – Take the bull by the horns ~~ Take with a grain of salt ~~ Thick as thieves

U – Uncharted waters ~~ Unvarnished truth ~~ Under your thumb

V – Variety is the spice of life ~~ Virtue is it’s own reward ~~ Vicious circle

W – Walk on eggshells ~~ Wild goose chase ~~ Water off a duck’s back

X – X marks the spot ~~

Y – Yellow-bellied ~~ Your guess is as good as mine

Z – Zero in on__ ~~ Zero tolerance

That’s all for now, but there were lots more. I know I find myself saying quite a few of these. How about you? 🙂


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Today’s prompt was a bit different. We were to write short sentences, in a sort of letter, to someone or something. It was to begin with Dear somebody … and keep going on the list until you’ve had enough  finished, I guess? Strange, but it’s interesting, and I’ve read some good ones, already today. So, who knows…here goes…



? . , ! ; : @ #( ) 

Dear Question Mark…Why? Why must you question everything?

Dear Period…Just stop it. I mean it. Stop.

Dear Exclamation Mark or Point or whatever you’re called… I want to use you sooo much, but have been warned against abusing you too much. Who me…Never!!!!!!

Dear Comma…You want to be here, there, and everywhere, and you’ve put me in a comma coma.

Dear Parentheses…You’re as sweet as a hug (embrace) right in the middle of a sentence.

Dear Colon, and your semi-twin, semi-colon… I haven’t needed you very much; keep going on your way: keep going, pause, keep going a little more: bye…

Dear At Symbol…You’re cute and versatile. You are very handy each @ and every time.

Dear Hashtag…You know I number # you among my ‘faves’ #highfive !

Dear Elipses…I love you…I love you…I love you…you are my adorable little dot…dot…dot…I need you…don’t ever leave me… I ❤ you…say you ❤ me 2…


Wellnow day # 19 is done; I leave you with these thoughts: I had fun, did you? I did it!!! Let’s meet again @ the same place tomorrow. #poemsarefun

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