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Dear Bread Companies


Dear Bread Companies


For awhile I was making up silly letters to companies. I never sent any of them, of course, but it was fun to write them.

This was one from 2014.


Dear Bad Bread Companies:

What is up with your plastic packaging? There is too much writing on them. The plastic is fine to keep your bread products in, until…dun, dun, dun…it goes all moldy. Yes, it does.

It’s hard to keep fresh in that plastic bag, with the twist-tie closure. However, with all the logos of your company, nutirition information, bright, bold colors, and stating the fact that there is bread in there, it is too hard to actually ‘see’ the bread.

After consuming a few slices, you know, putting your possibly ‘not sterile clean hands’ in there, which has to be transferring germs, the further down slices do occasionally go moldy. You’ve seen it, I’m sure…it’s that ugly, blue-green color. Even if it is only on one slice, you can bet your bottom dollar, that mold spores are multiplying like crazy inside that bag. The spores are touching, growing, and infecting the whole lot of it. You may not see it yet, but it’s there.

I get mildly upset about it…mildly upset, that most of the loaf of bread is wasted…not actually flinging the whole mold encrusted bread bag across the room, but still…Ewww, gross!

The fact is, with all the package pretty much obscuring the bread inside, I just can’t tell if it’s molded, or not. I try, I really do, to see through any clear spots, but it’s no use. I still have to dump the remaining slices out, just to check for mold. That, of course, exposes it to even more germs that are floating around in the air, which would certainly love to land on a piece of bread, to begin their germy, devouring destruction of said bread.

My helpful solution to this aggravating problem is this – use clear bags, small lettering of your logo, and the ingredients label. You don’t have to tell us it is bread…we can tell what it is in there because it is squishy, and on the shelves where the bread is located in the store. Another helpful hint…do away with those colored twist-ties used to close the package. I think they are some kind of secret code, anyway. To whom, I have no idea, as no one I know has any idea what they mean.

One last, reccomendation…use a ziplock or slider type closure. This would be so much easier. It wouldn’t be lost like a twist-tie, and I wouldn’t have to find a clothes-pin or chip-clip to fasten the package.

So, could you, a big important bread company, who values your customer’s satisfaction with your product, please make these few adjustments? I’d be so, so grateful, and I will keep buying your yummy bread. Otherwise, your bread is dead to me…I’ll buy from your competitors…that is if they consider these very same hints to improve their product line.


A Loyal Customer (for many years, but am now fed up)


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Real Letters I’ve Sent – NanoPoblano – Day 26


Real Letters I’ve Sent – NanoPoblano – Day 26




In 1885 or so

Dr Pepper stole the show

Secret formula writ in stone

Take some Dr Pepper home

A tonic made just for your brain

Cola wars were never the same

Dr Pepper, a digestive aid

Drink it up, you’ll have it made


This was a Quadrille 44 words poem I’ve had in my drafts for a long time.

I was just remembering that I used to write to businesses/companies all the time. Mostly the letters were a bit funny, but I really like their products, so why not tell them I like them? I’ve done this off and on since I was a kid just learning to write letters, and I’d get so excited when I got an answer from them. It’s still fun, and those that respond always send a nice cover letter, some brochures, and coupons for free products from them.

Here’s the letter I wrote to the Dr Pepper (soft drink) Company:

Dear Dr Pepper Company,

I am a Dr Pepper drinker from way back. I have enjoyed this most unique beverage for many years. I like it cold, and even hot, with a slice of lemon, as your company was promoting at one time.

I also like the logos, songs, and advertisements associated with Dr Pepper. As a kid, I remember the 10 – 2 – 4 ad. I’m not quite sure what that was; were you supposed to have a DP at those times of day? Also did a Saint Bernard dog appear in those logos? I love dogs, and this is what seemed to catch my attention. (am I mistaken?)

Then, when my children were small, the catchy TV jingle was popular: ‘He’s a Pepper, She’s a Pepper, wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper, too?’ Everyone had that song in their head.

So yes, we’ve had many years of enjoyment from your product.

However, I’ve heard a disturbing rumor that I’d like clarified. There is another soda that is called Mr Pibb. It is very similar in taste to your Dr Pepper. It is not sold here in our town, except from the fountain at the movie theater. We were curious as to why it is not sold in our stores also.

I don’t have any idea who makes this Mr Pibb, as we can’t find it here; possibly a rival company to yours? At any rate, we asked a person who was stocking the shelves what the deal was. He said that your company would not sell your product in the same market as Mr Pibb. Is that true? And, if it is, why not? If you are afraid of the competition, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Dr Pepper is a mainstay, at least around here, and you have many loyal customers. Sure, some people would buy Mr Pibb, but then people buy all sorts of soft drink flavors. Why, if it is true, do you have a grudge against this one rival? Is it because of it’s similarity to Dr Pepper in taste? If you had a blind taste test between you both, I have no doubt the customer would pick the superior taste of DP every time!

So, that’s it. Will you please verify or deny this rumor for me?

Thanks for making Dr Pepper all these years.

Your customer,

xxx (me)

P.S. Do you also have a brochure about your company and it’s origins?


That was the letter I wrote. They did send me a whole bunch of pamphlets, brochures, and coupons for free products. They didn’t answer my question. 🙂


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