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Today’s letter is…X

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The letter X is such a versatile letter. You see it in all areas of writing. I think it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. If you look in the dictionary, the words listed for the letter x seems to be one of the shortest entries. Most of the words are hard to pronounce, and the meanings are a bit technical. In the real world, using the letter x is very common. It takes the place of putting ‘ex’ in a word. It serves to shorten it, and make it stand out. Some examples in advertising would be…X-treme, X-tra, X-terior, and X-ams. The x is usually a big, capital one, to draw attention.

One of the earliest uses of the letter x, was found in the Middle Ages. People would sign an X for their signature. The X is a form used for the cross, in Christian religion. Sometimes, people would sign a document with the letter X, then kiss it, showing they were sincere, their faith, and honesty.

Some other examples of the use of the letter X, are in games, such as tic-tac-toe, in math, as an unknown number, in treasure maps, as in X marks the spot you can find the prize, and in cartoons, as depicting a dead person.

Xeriscaping, is a word that is used in lawn care. If you xeriscape, you are using drought tolerant plants and grasses in your yard. We have a lot of that here where we live, where we are in a severe drought most of the time.

Xenophobia, is the unreasonable fear of strangers, foreigners, or customs. I wonder if people have that about me, as my name means strange and foreign, from a foreign land! I hope not!

Other times you see the letter x used, is in sizes, such as X, XX, XXX, meaning extra large, 2X, or 3X. Three XXX can also indicate something is poison when it is on a bottle of something. Movies use X-rated, to let people know it includes adult content. Sports such as football use the letter x to map out strategies on the playing field.

As you can see, the letter X is used in many ways. It is not only the scary letter that begins those words in the dictionary. Well, unless you think about how sometimes the letter X at the start of a word is sometimes pronounced like the letter Z! I’m not sure who deciced on that!

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