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Would you travel out of state, just to look at a parking lot? Evidently, some people would.

For a long time, we had a lake in the middle of a parking lot, here. It was at the mall, and was located pretty close to the Dillard’s Department store. It became known as ‘Dillard’s Lake’.

Now, this lake was not supposed to be there, and at times would disappear. For some reason, that area of the parking lot sloped downward, making it lower than the surrounding paved areas. When it rained, it would collect the overflow from a nearby playa lake.The water would stay there for long periods of time, until it dried out. This has now been resolved, with the installation of a drainage system.

What was funny, is that it bacame a sort of tourist attraction. Lots of out-of-towners had heard of ‘Dillard’s Lake’, and came to see it for themselves. I don’t think the Dillard’s store was very fond of it though, as it took up at least 200 parking spots that their customers could have used.

Now, it is gone. All we have is memories of the parking lot lake, and a fun story to tell. 

For a couple of pictures, and the news story of the lake in the parking lot, you can find it here. http://www.kcbd.com/story/855040/whats-the-dea  🙂